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Do you have an interest in children's clothing?

Hi folks,

Are you interested in children’s t-shirts? Perhaps you are super-duper whizzo with applique? I have a lot of stock of baby and toddler t-shirts that I plan to get rid off on an auction site, but thought I’d mention it here to give you first dibs on a bargain!

The t-shirts and baseball shirts are basic white, blue, pink, and a few khaki, with simple little nick-names printed on, e.g. munchkin, sweetheart, princess, cheeky monkey, little soldier, and so on. They cover ages 3-18 months. They are pretty plain so perhaps would benefit from some pizzazz such as embroidery or applique.

There are over 900 t-shirts. Open to offers, before end of Jan.

(Unable to add photos as they are not currently online for links, but can email photos if you message me.)

Doh! Just figured out how to paste photos in! This is just a small sample.