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Do you like Liberty fabrics? William Morris? Arts and Crafts?

I visited Red House in Bexleyheath, Kent yesterday. It was the house designed by architect Phillip Webb and William Morris, where Morris and the pre-Raphaelite brotherhood lived for 5 years. There were some beautiful murals by Burne-Jones on the wall valued at £2m a piece, some painted glass by Morris himself, embroidery designed by Morris, and even a carved wood block for printing the wallpaper!
I would recommend a visit if you’re ever in Kent.

More on my page if you want a nosey:


Oooh I’m jealous. I would love to visit Red House but I can imagine the faces of my husband and children if I suggested it! The best hope I have is to visit with my aunt and my Mum some time :four_leaf_clover:

Sam x


I took my brother-in-law who loves this stuff and my two kids (aged 11 and almost 13). The boy child moaned and sulked a bit, but was pretty good during the tour, then we agreed that he could chill on the lawn with his iPhone whilst we looked around the gardens and then we all played croquet together.

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