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Do you make signs?

(Cosmiceden) #1

Hey everyone!

Hope you are all well. Been a looooooooooooong time since I’ve been on here - blimey this forum is super swish these days! :open_mouth:

Anywho, I was wondering if anyone made signs - preferably metal (I assume those are tin or aluminium?) but wooden certainly appeals too!

I’d like something with a phrase of my choice and a small simple star design. The sign would probably be the typical kind of size, which looks no more than a lengthways strip of A4 (mostly for the sake of price - although if bigger involves a bargain, I’ll be all over it! Sorry peeps, wish I could spend more.)

If anyone can help, please do post here or feel free to PM me with an idea of prices and turnaround time :smile:

Gemma x

(Minerva) #2

Bumping this one in case it hasn’t been seen…I have seen some signs around. Hope you find someone!

(Funky Mosaics) #3

Hi Gemma,
I have messaged you!
Liz x

(Jan Ryan) #4

I do wooden signs, I do most of my work to order, I cut the wood myself so size can be whatever suits, you can see more of my work on fb and my blog etc, links can be followed via my shop. I can make a special listing for personalised items. You can always send me a message if you have any questions :slight_smile:
Jan x

(Ocean Arts North Devon) #5

Its probably not what your looking for but I make these custom surfboard wooden door signs