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Do you still print off photos?

Or are they all online?

Would you still have Christening/Wedding photos in an album etc?

I am thinking of reopening my shop mainly to sell my large photo albums that are too heavy to ship overseas so it would be perfect for a UK only shop.

But I’m just not sure if people still even do “real” photos!

What do you think?

The only time we print off photos is when we are having calendars or cards made for us so they wouldn’t end up in an album. Friends do still print off occasional physical photos eg a wedding photo to have in a frame but I haven’t seen an actual physical album in years. Maybe photo frames would be a better bet than albums?

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Maybe you are right Sasha. Just trawling through Photographers Wedding Albums via google! Maybe Wedding Photos are still a thing that people get done? Some of their prices made me gasp though!

I think that people do still have wedding albums, but other than that, I’m more likely to set my favourite photo as a desktop background. A while ago, my partner did get two pictures of our kittens printed as canvas prints…otherwise I only have granddaughter pictures!

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I never print photos now except when I want one to show someone. I have books full of old, pre-digital, ones in the garage and when I have a moment I scan them into my digital photo albums (which I backup).
Which gives me a great idea for another one-handed January job (the other main one is sorting my clothes out) Thanks Dottie (sorry I can’t help take your albums off your hands)

PS I do use albums but for a specific purpose. We always send ourselves a dated and briefly explanatory postcard when we go on holiday and have a postcard from all but one holiday we’ve been on together starting in 1992. First few I had to retrieve from those I’d sent to my mum. Really useful. Sister said the other day "what was the nane of the hotel we stayed in Kenya and when was it ". Took 3 minutes to find the answer. :slight_smile:

The one we sent from Tenerife last year never arrived so I moon-pigged us one later !

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Thanks everyone! Might try some Wedding Albums and see how they go…I guess if the photographers sell them then there must be a market. Nothing ventured & all that!

@JOYSofGLASSThat’s such a lovely idea and something wonderful to look back on! In another life (with more spare hours) I would definitely scrapbook - such a lovely way to keep your memories!

I love a photo album, I sat with my nephew recently and went though a couple, showing him pics of his dad when he was little. Much nicer than sitting at a pc and clicking each image.
We only tend to take holiday pics or piece of niece and nephew, I print off pics of them and dot them round the house, we have loads of albums but admit less in the last decade but I still think they are a great thing to have and flick through.

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Thank you - yes, they seem more real when off the PC don’t they! My kids love looking at photos in their baby books from when they were tiny :slight_smile:

I have a program called Craft Artist which I use to create digital scrapbook pages which I then print off and put in albums. This program I know is increadably popular so I’m sure I’m not the only one who does it! I also have albums with images I love which could be photos, cards, postcards, from magazines anything really. I make albums for my parents too as my mum in particular would never see photos any other way!

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That sounds great Julie - will check that out for my Mother in Law who doesn’t do “online” to make photos a bit more interesting :slight_smile:

Not as much as I used to. But I may start doing so as its nice to have a record of the photos like we used to.
it’s definitely worth you still promoting your albums as I think there will be some people who still want the traditional album.

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Thanks Roxanne :slight_smile: I have had a couple of enquiries for the ones I have listed so far so fingers crossed!

Hi Susan!

That’s great!

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I still get photo’s printed, I’ve just done 3 to give to my MiL. I was given an album for my birthday and I’m choosing some favorite photo’s of family to print off. I like the idea of having albums :slight_smile:

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I don’t think many people have “what I did on my holidays” albums - that tends to go on social media.

But major events like weddings, graduation, or new babies are a bit different. Older folks are still into printed photos and albums, especially if there is space to include details about the family tree.

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