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Do you take photos at national trust properties?

(Wellpresented) #1

I wonder how many of you are aware that the National Trust “beefed up” its image policy in (I think) 2012? No? Neither did I and I have volunteered for them for 5 years. In brief, this is the problem. You cannot take a photo at or FROM any National Trust property which charges an entrance fee, unless you buy a licence from them. So if you sell greetings cards or other image-related items you could be in trouble. This even extends to any plants or animals on a National Trust site, so apparently they own all of nature as well as all views!! I am waiting for them to tell me what the astronomical fee would be for a licence. But in the meantime, I know that some of you are listing cards with NT views on them; if you have a licence, fine, but otherwise be careful. According to the internet they are “going after” people like us.

(Silvapagan) #2

Can we just clarfy something: you can take photos for your own use, but if you want to use them to make something to sell, then you need the licence?

(Susannah Ayre) #3

There’s nothing stopping you taking photos for your own use. It will simply be if you then go on to make money from the photos.

In certain properties they may have a ‘no photos’ sign up for a specific reason- possibly by certain documents of paintings.
I certainly take photos when I visit and no one has said anything. :blush:

(Eileens Craft Studio) #4

Yep it’s for commercial usage you will require the licence not for private use.