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Does anyone have any bad allergies?

(Sarah Lambert) #1

I’m pretty sure I have an allergy to that pink insulation fibreglass .

I carried some down to one of our sheds, in a bag, and my leg blew up like a barrage balloon! A day or two later a tiny particle worked its way out of the skin and the irritation went away. Then this week after my husband had been handling the dratted stuff I took a towel he’d used to put in the washing machine and ended up with two patches of irritation , one of which a little blueish black fragment has just emerged from.
It’s horrendous, how can this stuff be legal?

Does anyone else have such severe reactions to anything?

(Lowri of Twinkle and Gloom Art) #2

Thankfully not, that sounds horrible.
I do suffer from eczema but it seems to be stress related. Although, I did get a very horrible patch a couple of years ago that seemed different to usual, I think it may have been caused by metallic thread in the label on a pair of jeans. It was so painful and took ages to shift.

(Sarah Lambert) #3

Hi Lowri,

That doesn’t sound very nice either, feel sorry for you with the ezema.

I looked up the allergy for this rotten pink stuff online and from some of the pictures of people on there seems I got away lightly.

(Rachel) #4

That sounds awful hope you are better soon

(Sarah Lambert) #5

Thanks Rachel :blush:

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(Hobbitgirlie1880) #6

That doesn’t sound very nice.
I’m allergic to chilli, chocolate, nuts and strawberries. I have to carry epi pens because I go into full anifulaxus (spelt that wrong) with chilli. So have to be very careful with what I eat

(Suzzie Godfrey) #7

My children think they are allergic to brussel sprouts!
Me, I am allergic to reconstituted dried mushrooms, you know bags of dried porcini you get from the super market, they give me hot starry hallucinations, truly scary, so now if I see a likely looking culprit in a casserole, I have to go hungry

(Roz) #8

That made me smile Suzzie @thistledownandHOPE - my kids are just the same, anything they don’t like and they tell everyone they are allergic to it! I’m really lucky (so far) - never suffered any allergies, I think its because of all the dirt I ate as a child and the squalid conditions I lived in at boarding school - made me immune to everything!

(Paula Rayson) #9

Any alcohol with colour: red wine, brandy, whiskey etc. Discovered the red wine one at 17, was in my twenties before I found the others and was able to put together that it is the tannins that contain the colour. Even one sip can have me throwing up for up to 24 hours. I avoid cocktails as I never sure of the spirits/liqueurs in them. The harder thing is when they might be in sauces or gravy. Once got laid out by a red wine gravy served on a work Christmas dinner, seriously who put red wine in a poultry sauce. Christmas cake, wedding cake, mince pies can be a minefield. The alcohol burns off in cooking but tannins are left behind.

(Sara Leigh Thornton) #10

I had an allergic reaction to something when I was 12 and away from home on holiday with an aunt and uncle. Travelling back by car I noticed a large raised patch on my leg, By the time we got back to their place my body was covered in them. By evening my lips had swollen, and in the middle of the night my tongue had too, My relations thought I had been in the sun too much - this was early 80s and there was far less info about allergic reactions around back then. Thank fully by morning it had all started going down. I never found out what it was that made me react like that!

I have a pile of intolerances now - anything with gluten / wheat sets me off, I can’t do alcohol, no red meat, no gelatine, no sweeteners, very little garlic or lemon (I can do small amounts but only if I know I don;t have to go anywhere the next day as I will be peeing non-stop) - I am a joy to cook for, therefore I do all the cooking lol! Thank heavens for chocolate :slight_smile:

(Susannah Ayre) #11

Err the pink foam thing doesn’t sound nice. I’ve never had anything like that- though at least it’s something you don’t have to come into regular contact with.
I was never allergic to anything as a child- we always had plenty pets & I could eat anything. I’m 27 now though and have developed various things.
I have to use a sinus nose spray every day otherwise I can’t breathe. But the spray makes my hands and feet itchy so I have to have an antihistamine a day to help that.
I’ve also got to be careful with what I eat now- allergy isn’t the right word to use for it- but I have to treat it in a similar way- basically I don’t have much of the enzyme that breaks down starch- particularly reheated starch so i can’t eat things like bread, most pasta, potatoes etc. It makes eating out a total pain as a lot of restaurants reheat their food (even if they say they don’t) but my intestines certainly know! Haha

I notice sometimes I must come into contact with things I’m allergic too every now and then because for some reason I can feel a bit itchy and all my tattoos suddenly become raised as though they’ve just been freshly done! It’s so bizarre- and a little gross. Haha

(Sams Gemstone Jewellery) #12

I’ve tons of allergies but thankfully none serious enough to put me in hospital. Lanolin, latex ,wool like angora, mohair etc, moisturisers, bubble bath etc with high oil content, nuts but bizarrely not peanuts, air fresheners, grass, hay fever, eczema, perfumes, some rubber materials, kiwi fruit, anything with fur so no pets for me and probably more if I think hard enough. The weird thing is that one person can wear a perfume and I will be fine but another person can wear exactly the same perfume and it will set me off sneezing and eyes streaming. I used to work with someone who always used to set me off with Chanel No5. When I was sneezing my head off and trying to breath she used to say, its Chanel No 5 not some cheap stuff… clearly the price is supposed to make a difference. I always used to think that the more you came into contact with something the better the allergy would get because your body would get used it. It was only when having an op a few years ago that I was advised by the doctor that allergies get worse the more you come into contact with them !!! I have also noticde Susannah that my tattoo does the same thing !!! I always put it down to the fact that I was hot or my waistband was rubbing it.