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Does anyone's new stats look like this

My new stats have looked like this now for the past 2 days. I’m looking at them from my iPad.

Hi Pauline, have you accidentally increased zoom? I have before and seem to remember my screen looking like that on my laptop.

That usually happens when a page isn’t loading correctly for some reason. My stats page looks fine so might be your end - have you tried looking at your stats page from another device just to check?

Hi Pauline

The page is only loading the text information - not pictures, tables etc (believe it or not ‘in the beginning’ all web pages looked like this). For some reason you’re not receiving all the data (which is called the CSS) you need to display the page correctly. I know it’s an IT cliche, but have you tried switching your iPad on and then off again ?? I’ve just looked at my stats page on my iPad and it’s fine. I do have other problems with Folksy on my iPad - I often get a completely blank page when I re-load and when I try to move up and down a thread using the date bar it can freeze, not just Safari but my entire device, but switching it off and starting again with a new connection always solves it.

I occasionally get other web pages looking like that and hitting refresh (or reloading the page) normally solves the problem.

I always close my iPad right down at the end of each day but it still keeps coming up like that. I’m not too bothered about it as I haven’t got anything for sale in my shop at the moment but I just wondered why it keeps doing it.