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Facebook Alphabetical promotion - A = today 31st July, B =1st August etc.../

(Joy Salt) #1

Hi all.
I posted the following on my Facebook page
yesterday so if you fancy a bit of promotion then tag your page

  • on the appropriate day
    on my Facebook page, not here

(according to the first letter of your page name)
and I’ll share you. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :smile:

Here is the calendar - save you counting the letters on your fingers

Ok here is a never to be repeated offer
I’m approaching a rather magic Like number… And… I’m missing my daily British Crafters posts and shares (as they are taking a well earned rest).
As a big thank you to all my likers and fellow crafters and artists I propose that for the next 26 days I will share on my page - according to the letters of the alphabet and the name of your facebook page.
One letter a day as I’m a pretty logical soul (being ex IT) tomorrow, Thursday, will be Letter A
So if your Facebook page starts with the letter A please tag yourself on my A post (Not on this one ) (I’ll do it in a minute) and I will share something from your page at the end of the day.
Interested to see how many I get for Q and Z

(Stephanie Short) #2

Hiya joy,
Great idea thank you!
Going to pop over now! Steph xx

(Bojanglies) #3

Fabulous idea! I’ve popped in already, but will definitely check in tomorrow!

(Joy Salt) #4

Thanks. You need to wait until the right day for S - about the 18th I think - to tag for a share. xxxx

(Sally Lucas) #5

What an imaginative way for a promotion. Well done.

(Pauline Hayward) #6

I will keep an eye when it gets to my letter.
Love this idea.


(Elaine) #7

What a generous idea, thank you. Will tootle over to your f/b page and share/like/comment on some of your daily shares when I have a mo.


(Joy Salt) #8

Elaine I’ll look out for you on my E day :slight_smile:

(Angrycatcrochet) #9

really good idea, I just liked your page and posted my page there for today :slight_smile:

(Joy Salt) #10

I’ve shared you. I’ve now set up a post for tomorrow for the B’s. I’m enjoying my Alphabet Share game already. xx

(Le Petit Bijou Uk) #11

Hi Joy - What a super and creative idea! I’ll definitely see you on the 11th and look forward to the daily .posts. Thank you for this opportunity!

Kind regards,

(Birdandmonkey) #12

Such a clever idea. I’ve left my page ready for B (love your page too).

(Bojanglies) #13

A belated drop for me. I completely forgot!!

(Yvette ) #14

Just liked your page :smiley:

(Joy Salt) #15

It’s a D Day today so if your Facebook page starts with a D please tag yourself on my D Day Facebook post, not here, if you want a share tonight.

(Bojanglies) #16

I’ve lost an entire day… thanks for my share!
I mist return the favour x

(Joy Salt) #17

H day tomorrow so please tag yourselves. I’m more than happy to share if you do. xxx


(Joy Salt) #18

Bumping so you know it’s N Day today. I’m having fun, finding lots of new pages and hope everyone else is too.
So tag yourself, on the day’s FB post, if your FB page starts with the day’s letter and I will share from your page.

Today post is

Joy xx.

(Joy Salt) #19

Today is my Y day. I had no X’s yesterday - couldn’t find any - so had fun just having Xtra shares of lovely things.
Thought I’d look for some folksy Y shops.
Found a few but they either

  • didn’t have a Facebook link
  • or the Facebook link didn’t work (lots of those)
  • or the photos were not good.

So many people come onto this forum complaining that they are not getting views / sales and asking what to do. So many of us advise “you must promote promote promote” and “you must have good pictures”.

I haven’t found a single Folksy shop starting with Y which I can Facebook ‘find’ so I suspect our advice is not being heeded :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

PS Except lovely @YarnawayknitsbyChristinaLynn which I already had via FB xx

(Shirley Woosey) #20

Thanks for W promotion of one of my book covers yesterday Joy @JOYSofGLASS
So sorry I didn’t know about it until just now.

Off to pin some of your camper vans to my Wild Camping pin board

Shirley x