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Faith in your product

Well I certainly learned a useful lesson today!

Ordered a print I’d been looking at for ages from NOTHS on Friday for my youngest’s nursery thinking it looked amazing - much better than my prints, but when it arrived today it was not better, maybe even not as good quality as my prints!

So I have learned to definitely have more faith in my work and also what the power of photography can do for a product!

I’m not going to lie I would love to be on there but I have put my own belief to rest that things from there are better than mine! Or just because they have more traffic to their site that they are in anyway better than here!

Of course I have ordered lovely things from there too, but its re-affirmed my belief a little today!

Role on a fab handmade Christmas at folksy!

P.s I also shopped on Folksy too for Christmas :slight_smile:


Love the Christmas tree seed embedded cards. Great idea!

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thanks :smile:

I had the faith in one of my necklaces tested when a lady said ‘oh I could never wear something like that, far to delicate for me’ I replied with ‘oh the tiger tail is really strong’ and which point her muscle bound boyfriend picked it up and pulled on all the joins. It survived (but I think all the blood drained from my face) and she bought it.
We have to make our product to the quality standards that we would want to buy and then have faith in it.


I like what Vetruvius says in “The Lego Movie!”

“Believe. I know it sounds like a cat poster, but it’s true.”

I got my son to ride his bike without stabilisers for the first time using that one so there must be something in it :wink:

Sam x


It’s very easy to believe every one else’s work is better than yours and everyone is more successful but you are right we must believe!!!

I am having a little downer on myself at the moment but today I took a few minutes to read some of the lovely feedback I have had and that makes me feel a lot better in times of doubt!



It’s easy to have self doubt about our work, I often have a few doubts but then I get an order from a repeat customer or via a recommendation and my faith in myself is restored. I think a teeny tiny bit of doubt is not always a bad thing, it makes me strive to be the best that I can. I also think Emma at @clarkiedesigns gives a perfect example to help in re-affirming the belief in ourselves, reading past feedback is a great thing to do when we are on a bit of a downer. :slight_smile:


I’m so glad I’m not the only one with self-doubt! I always remember my repeat customers at these times - if my things were no good, they wouldn’t come back :smile:
Also thinking of all the things I’ve bought in high street shops at inflated prices that turned out to be rubbish :wink:


That’s very true @clarkiedesigns!

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So glad you posted here Jennifer, it’s reminded me to order some seeded Christmas cards :slight_smile:

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Hurrah! :slight_smile: thank you x