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Feline photography assistant

Hello all,

I thought I’d share with you a pic of today’s assistant, Eddie who spent his time rearranging the ribbons and then trying to steal this decoration!

If you’ve got any photos of your own animal assistants in the midst of assisting, here’s the place to show them! All animals welcome!


Well, if nothing else, you now have a lovely photo of Eddie! :laughing::laughing::rofl:

Sam x

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Mine tend to assist with my creating, macrame and wirework with one on each side is interesting. I get swiped with a claw when they miss the cord!

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I bet they love that! Of course, the only reason you’re doing it is to entertain them…

If I leave any ribbon or thread out on my table I can guarantee that it will be in a tangle on the floor within a few hours… it’s like they have a homing instinct for it or something!

Eddie looks like a great help! :laughing:

Here is my ‘little helper’, Minnow. I am making her a quilt of her own at the moment, in the hopes that she will leave my box of scraps alone!


Aww she’s lovely! That scene also looks familiar…

Heehee. She looks a bit annoyed to be disturbed. :cat:

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