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Folksy 365 - Daily Listers Challenge Thread - NOVEMBER 2017

(Emma) #581

Morning guys, I’m still playing catch up afraid! Things have gone crazy elsewhere and I haven’t had 5 mins to myself! Hope everyone is well and I will catch up tonight xx

(Karen Ellam) #582

Good morning

It’s a little warmer here today in Staffordshire.
I’ve just got back from a lovely stroll with Jasper :heart_eyes::dog:

Just popping a listing on whilst I’ve got my feet up with a lovely mug of green tea :tea:

Karen x

(Thedotterypotter) #583

Good Morning everyone :slight_smile:

Just listed a couple of these robin hearts - they are like hens teeth at the moment as every time I make a batch for people’s orders, I seem to have a mishap and break a few! They are jinxed! But…I have a couple spare for my Folksy shop at last :slight_smile:

(Valerie Farrell) #584

Good morning . Thank you for all he help yesterday re Paypal Folksy customer services sorted it out very promptly
Max @paperchainsandbeads please could you add 2 sales. Thanks
Three of my little clutch bags in my sale today Just £7.50 each

Valerie x

(Roz) #585

Good morning. Managed to make a couple of things yesterday but wasn’t really feeling it! Today will mainly be about photography and listing all the things I made last week and then maybe a bit of sewing later.

Another silk scarf today

(Brenda Cumming) #586

morning all…just listed this snowscene

(Jayne) #587

Morning everyone,

I thought I’d surprise you all and come in with an early relist today!!!

Jayne xx

( Valerie Dockerty) #588

Good morning everyone a relist today

(Barbara Byrom) #589

Today’s listing

(Ali Dufty) #590

This wee fella from me today…

Maxine @paperchainsandbeads - one sale for me yesterday :slight_smile: after a worrying dry week on here :sob:
Also - probably should 've clarified before … does the tally apply to transactions or actual individual items sold !!! :slight_smile: just curious !

I think someone else mentioned this earlier in the thread … there doesn’t seem to be a Folksy notification email of a sale ?! just the Paypal email ? a slight glitch maybe ?
Have a good day everyone . x

(Sue) #591

Morning everyone
Today’s listing, thinking about Christmas!

I must say, a few days away and I’m ready to use my sewing machine again!

(Sue) #592

I believe it’s each listing sold, so if a customer orders 3 items that’s 3 for the tally, but if you have a bundle of 3 items on 1 listing, that just goes as one for the tally. Correct me if I’m wrong anyone!

(Patricia Smith) #593

I agree with you on that Sue @SueTrevor. My listing for today…

(So Sew Megan) #594

This happened to me last month. I emailed Folksy admin, the problem was folksy’s system. They sent an email apologising to the customer but I lost my sale☹️ Folksy did cancel the fees.

(Valerie Farrell) #595

It was a shame you lost your sale Megan I was lucky .Folksy emailed the buyer and she paid. It was sorted out really quickly thanks to Folksy Admin

(So Sew Megan) #596

Now I’ve had the chance to read the thread properly @valerie I realise it’s all sorted out! Doh…
Been to tai chi at Maggies this morning so I’m serenely listing!

(Valerie Farrell) #597

That sounds very energetic. You need a restful afternoon

(So Sew Megan) #598

Thanks Sarah that was amazingly quick @thedotterypotter I’m super pleased with the Christmas pud and the ceramic button is a bonus!

(Stephanie Short) #599

Hi everyone,
Sorry I didn’t make it yesterday so I’ve still got that to catch up

Stay warm x

(Rosesworkshop) #600

All my pink stuff is back in stock! I’ve just taken delivery of some more gorgeous pink and cream Harris tweed, so all those listings I had to hide are now back :smile: