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Folksy 365 - Daily Listers Challenge Thread - OCTOBER 2017

(Patricia Smith) #543

Thank you for that Natalie. I think I accidentally added the URL from the edit page without pressing update first. Wondered why the picture wasn’t coming up so I pasted it in! You can never be too carefulxx

(Patricia Smith) #544

Colleen it’s lovely to have you back on the thread as well as Natalie!

(Brenda Cumming) #545

two more sales for me please…(total 4)

(Roz) #546

Thinking of you Judith @JudithLogan - my little girl went over the rainbow bridge in June - still miss her but I knew it was time. Never an easy decision though, took me about 3 months :cry:

Just returned form my days shift - didn’t really get anything done except a bit of designing. Not sure if it will come to anything but we shall see. Called in at my other outlet on the way home to find I had sold 3 scarves and a headband this week. Also had a sale on the other side for a couple of scarves last night so lots of happy dancing here - just not sure why it is so quiet here on Folksy, all my promotion points here but it just doesn’t seem to be doing anything.

(Natalie Ofkants) #547

I have just popped on a realist, as the colours and beading on this jumper are perfect for the season!

Natalie x

(Maureen Brazier) #548

Late today - been a busy day. A couple of relists to remind us of the summer and Strawberries. All loved and favoured. Judith - @JudithLogan - thinking of you.

(Louise) #549

Whew that was a mammoth catch up after a mammoth shift! Judith @JudithLogan my thoughts are with you xx

(Brenda Cumming) #550

faved to here x

(Brenda Cumming) #551

sorry to hear about your lovely fur baby…I still miss mine after 12 years !..I think the worst thing is having to be the one to make the decision but you know when the time is right and the pets know too…
He will always be by your side…the bond is always there…
And don’t forget when you feel better to come and join us on the art chat thread x

(Cariad Crafts) #552

Thank you Sarah @SarahDesignsUK


(Cariad Crafts) #553

My heart goes out to you Judith. No words can make it any easier. I had to do this with one of my dogs who had a tumour at the top of her leg. It would have grown onto her heart. Poor thing was in pain but always managed a waggy tail for us. I don’t know how the vet’s cope.


(Karen Ellam) #554

Thank you for the earring love Stephanie @stephshortstationery :blush:

Love, love, love your miniature vase Martin @MartinShackletonCeramics :heart_eyes:

Well done with your sales Brenda @teabreaks :blush:

Thinking of you Judith @JudithLogan it’s the part we all dread when it’s time to say goodbye to our much loved pets. I think we know in our hearts when the time comes but it’s so hard. We are all here for you xx :tulip:

Karen x

(Sue Mellem) #555

Judith @JudithLogan thinking of you. Such a tough decision and sad time.

We’ve had a lovely sunny afternoon here and managed to get some weeding done. A bit of a never- ending job

Earrings today

(Cariad Crafts) #556


A beautiful day here too so after the weekly shop, we went for a lovely long walk up our local Bickerton Hills. It was glorious, the colours were amazing.

So no photos got taken, sorry, so a relist

Carol xx

(Deborah Jones) #557

Evening all, sorry missed listing yesterday - not enough hours in the day.

Judith @JudithLogan So sorry you are having to go through this, my thoughts are with you.

Colleen @MidnightStarDesigns good to see you back on the thread. hope your new house is already feeling like home.

(Sarah Bell) #558

Aww sorry about your dog @JudithLogan x

Late again, sorry guys.
Star decorations!

Like and pinned to here :slight_smile:

(Maureen Brazier) #559

Carol - you brought back some lovely memories with mentioning Bickerton Hills. Spent lovely times up there, Bickerton and Peckforton. I am a Nantwich girl and we were married in Nantwich Church in 1958. How the years have flown.

(Thedotterypotter) #560

Thinking of you Judith @JudithLogan - it;s the hardest thing to have to do but just remember the great life you have given him and all the love you’ve had xxx

Late one from me again:

(BeadifulByJill) #561

A new listing today

(Cariad Crafts) #562

Wow Maureen what a small world.

The national trust run it now and they have done lots of work cutting down
trees to return it to heathland. Even a herd of cattle and Exmoor ponies