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Folksy 365 - Daily Listing Challenge Club - September 2020

I reported the Marvel comic shop for copyright breach as well :wink: - power in numbers eh? :slight_smile:


Morning :rose:Seed Beads –
IMG_6552 Cropped

@PocketfulCreations Thank you so much for the review, I really appreciate it :orange_heart:

@Marjansart I love your puffin painting :slight_smile:


Morning everyone new earrings today
will catch up a little later


Lesley @SilverJewellery … absolutely…sadly there are still LOADS more in breach of contract…just search Disney or Harry Potter…sigh


Hi All, :sunny: :wind_face:

We were rear-ended whilst stationary, last night, by an old guy in a curtesy car - poor bloke was a bit shaken - but it’s left us with a time-consuming headache to deal with, don’t think I’ve had to make a claim for about 25yrs! His car was more crunched than ours & luckily everyone is fine. His family knows my DIL’s family so it was a nicely local, road-side sort out. Hope they don’t right-off our faithful ol’jalopy :crossed_fingers:

Today’s listing

Nice to get your premium bond win Roz! @orchardfelts
Sorry you had a horrible IG experience Cat @babancat.
Love your puffin @marjansart

Loved & pinned to here…


Oh wow - The risk to these people it’s stupid. If the rights owners find out, they would take the individual to the absolute cleaners - I’d never risk doing something so stupid.
Disney especially, I’ve heard is really protective of their copyright.
I was on a site once which was really ‘hot’ on copyright infringements. I couldn’t even use the word Swarovski in the title (as I use the beads) in case they were sued by Swarovski for misleading consumers into thinking that the finished product was sold by Swarovski - all my listings were blocked until I removed their name and replaced it with “high quality Crystal” - once extreme to another! Folksy really ought to have people checking this out as the platform provider, they could be in the firing line too.


Wow that’s a great achievement - validation of your products and skill. I’m sure they’ll do really well here too.


Whoop - another two sales please Max @MaxPringArtAndCrafts :grin:
All loved & pinned to here


Taken my all morning to dip in and out to catch up.

Another pumpkin from me today;


Thanks for the good wishes everyone. Woken up itch and ache free so that’s a positive. My favourite fabric shop has listed some gorgeous Japanese fabrics so I’m off the Barry or Barrybados as it’s styled itself.
Putting yesterday down to experience. I’m too trusting when it comes to settings so have limited my contacts.
Yesterday made me grateful for my art teacher last year who helped us to loosen up and not be precious or pretentious about our work. It made me jealous of @TheChrisArtist. I really envy your choice Chris and I sincerely hope you get lots out of it.
Said precious and pretentious troll wants to become a professional photographer. Let’s hope for any prospective editors out there that he remains undiscovered in the bowels of Instagram!



What a beautiful day again!

Have just read through and can’t remember much expect well done on the sale @BeautifulFabricBags

Good luck Chris @TheChrisArtist - I’m sure you’ll love your course, and look forward to seeing results

Max @MaxPringJewellery please add a sale for me, thanks

Nothing new - just a relist

Carol xx


Lesley @SilverJewellery
I might be wrong but I think the onus is on the shop owner and not on Folksy admin…mainly because the rules and conditions are set out for people when they open a shop and in signing up , they acknowledge that they have read the rules and will abide by them.
A lot of people just think that they won’t get caught but I know someone that was and lost her house…and all she did was buy material and make cushions from it…


As I don’t feel in the mood to list Autumn / Christmas items , I’m relisting something instead ! …
Childs wool blend blanket 'Sing a Rainbow ’ …



Gosh Brenda, that poor woman! I guess the other site I used was just very keen to not be involved with copyright breaches. I must confess I haven’t read up on it to know whether the platform would be liable, but as you say, definitely know the rule breaker is liable. Unfortunately with many companies, ignorance is not an excuse even if they haven’t a clue that they’re doing wrong eh?


Afternoon all. A lovely day here after a bit of a blip with a dull one yesterday.

@DashHaberdashery you’re welcome with the review. You need to stop posting on this thread though because I’m getting tempted too often! :rofl:
Goodness Elly @EllyRowbothamPrintmaker! What a relief that you were all ok. I hope it all gets sorted quickly.
Love the puffin Marjan @Marjansart.

All loved and pinned up to here. I have a new purse today.

PUR251 Floral purse


Hello from sunny Dorset - not quite as hot as yesterday but still warm enough to sit out in the garden. Enjoying another day off before heading back to work for tomorrow for the weekend but after that I have got 11 days holiday :slight_smile: - not going anywhere, just going to relax.
I intended to do some more felting today but had to go to the gallery first to update the accounts. Went early in the hope that I would be done before they opened up but alas no - ended up staying and chatting till late morning. Then I came home and did some photographs and editing before taking the dog for a walk … so here I am 4pm and no felting done but at least I have quite a few new items photographed, just got to write the listings now and then can share with you all.
Now to enjoy the last hour or so of sunshine before it disappears from my garden.

My listing for today


Afternoon all, back with my listing & caught up to here.
Love that blanket Ali @AliDufty
Also your brooch Roz @OrchardFelts

Just restocking these stars today…


I’ve managed to take some photos this afternoon and slowly got them to upload to my laptop so I have a new listing of a sparkly cardigan (not that you can see the sparkles)
I will go back through the listings later to love and pin.


That could have turn out worse. I hope you are OK. It’s such a pan making a claim but he’s clearly at fault.
@ScrumptiousSocks why isn’t angora allowed? Stupid question. I suppose it’s to do with animal cruelty but you can get ethically gathered angora. Just wondering.

Back from Barry with a gorgeous bundle of fabric to add to my growing pile of gorgeous fabric that’s too lovely to use. Also treated myself to some handmade chocolates. Sorry I can’t share because I scoffed them all as I walked along the beach. :smiley_cat: