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Folksy 365 - Daily Listing Challenge Thread - AUGUST 2019



thank you Sally Ann @thegreetingscardshop …I have stopped Pinterest for the time being…can you believe that I had a message from Pinterest saying that items had been removed from my boards because it had been reported that I didn’t have permission to share them !!!
That worried me… (you have complete permission to share my items…lol) xx


Enjoy your holiday Jen @JenStarKnits
Mel @aquilacrafts I love what you’ve done with that purse! What an adorable little scene.

I’m in panic mode today. Ages ago I applied for a place at a craft fair this Sunday but hadn’t heard anything back. I messaged the organiser a couple of weeks ago and had no reply so I assumed I hadn’t been accepted. Yesterday I got a group email about the event which stated that anyone receiving it should take it as confirmation of a place. As I’d assumed I wasn’t going, I haven’t prepared! I’m not even sure I really feel up to it, but as it could become a regular thing if it goes well, I feel I should go. I’m quite short of tote bag stock. I had started making some new ones but I haven’t really been feeling up to doing much sewing. Now I have to decide whether to force myself to spend the day finishing them, or whether to just go with what stock I have and not stress about it while I’m not feeling so well. A little bit more notice might have been helpful! :roll_eyes:

One thing I’m definitely not short of is purses! :rofl: Here’s another butterfly one.

All loved and pinned to here.


Caught up to here.
Great purse @aquilacrafts
Beautiful bowl @thedotterypotter.
Stunning pendant @KelandyDesigns. Thank you for the painting appreciation Andy. Always nice when people appreciate my paintings from “Cornwall’s forgotten corner”. They also tend to be my best sellers, presumably because other artists overlook this lovely but bypassed part of the county.
I see @ScruffyBobsEmporium has had a sale this week but is not in the tally (unless I need to go to Specsavers). He may not have known to tag you @MaxPringJewellery.


Oh Sarah @thedotterypotter. Thwt bowl is just something else. Had to buy it xxx


Yay - thank you so much Sally Ann :slight_smile: I’ll pop it in the post to you this afternoon xx

That’s another 1 to the tally please Max @MaxPringJewellery x


And a sale for me please Max @MaxPringJewellery! :smiley:


Anotheroriginal painted greetings card Not a print
Puppy hugs


Afternoon all,
Congratulations to your daughter on her results @Verchielbeadsandjewellery.

I would just go with what you have Helen @PocketfulCreations. If it turns out to be a regular fair then you can take the bags next time.:smiley:

Another sympathy card today.


Afternoon all. Wow is it grim here today - makes me glad I got all my photos done yesterday (sorry smug mode!) Beautiful listings today everyone - especially loving the textiles…your purse Mel @aquilacrafts, your scarf Roz @OrchardFelts & your necklace Sharon @OhhhWhatAYarn
Congrats on your first Folksy sale @ScruffyBobsEmporium - love that shelf!

I’ve got a new pair of earrings today with Peridot glass beads…


I am late on parade today ………. what a wash out, not stopped raining all day, with lots more to come I think - all caught up to here, loving the necklace Andy @KelandyDesigns, cute purse Helen @PocketfulCreations, those guineas are adorable Joss @XStitcherJoss - at the last show I went to I had two people ask if I had any Guinea pig paintings, so I must follow your lead!!

A re-list from me today, but added to my sale section


Posting and running , but I’ll be back later to share the love !!! :slight_smile:

Some super -soft , wool blend , fingerless mitts from me today …


Thanks to the smut brigade for yesterday - I needed a snigger. Here’s an actual rock - the surfite block arrives from Newquay next week so expect a flurry of that once I’ve done some cutting /polishing.


@XStitcherJoss You captured the guinea pigs really well!
@teabreaks Pinterest is weird. Really you’re meant to ask permission from the copyright holder for everything you share… but no one ever does (can you imagine all the hassle of having to send a message for everything you share going “do you mind if I pin this?”… I’d find it weird if I got a message like that, just go ahead!). Luckily most people don’t mind the extra bit of promotion and are very glad of it… but you must have run into one of the rare people who are extra protective of their work and don’t want it shared anywhere.
@PocketfulCreations That is awfully late notice! I would worry it’s not going to be very well organised or advertised if they haven’t even let their stallholders know until a couple of days before. I’d guess they’ll be missing some sellers as people will have booked other things if they never heard back until now, and there’ll be others that aren’t fully stocked because of the late notice too. I wouldn’t worry about it too much, if it’s a quick job then maybe finish a few more, but if there’s loads to do don’t stress yourself out. You still have other types of stock.


Just having an interim catch up while I wait for the paint to dry on my just finished (unless I go back and fiddle with it) painting. The light is so poor for adequate photography today, I may have to list it at another time. The weather really is pants today.
Jewellery love to @TheCornishHare, @SashaGarrett, @OrukiDesign.
Oh dear @PocketfulCreations, the organisers of that fair sound as though they couldn’t organise a drinks party in a brewery. Whether you decide to to go or not, I would resist stressing about it, they obviously haven’t worried too much. You could stay at home with a box of chocolates and an old Bette Davis film (and not feel guilty about it). That’s what I would do!


Wow, well its a really wet one today so not surprisingly it was very quiet in the gallery which was good as I got quite a bit done. Home now and tempted to light the wood burner but am going to my sisters for dinner so not really worth it … maybe tomorrow if things dont improve although the forecast is for drier weather. Just been out with the dog - not too sure he really appreciated it very much.

Sasha @SashaGarrett, I love your fordite pieces but your rocks are to die for too. You always seem to have ones with such interesting patterns on them.
Helen @PocketfulCreations - I wouldnt stress too much about the stock levels. If the weather is anything like today the footfall wont be huge anyway and it would be much nicer to sell out than to have masses of stock left over. Just use it as a research experience to see if its worth going again.
Stunning pendant Andy @KelandyDesigns
Love the ostrich SallyAnn @thegreetingscardshop
Not surprised the bowl sold quickly Sarah @thedotterypotter
Hope you are all having a good day


faved to here. x


Thanks for all the purse compliments. I love your bowl today Sarah @thedotterypotter and the guinea pigs are fab @XStitcherJoss.

I agree with the others Helen @PocketfulCreations. If you want to go along and give the fair a try, just take what you have. Whenever I do a fair I put myself under pressure to finish things I think I must take, but they rarely end up being the thing that sells. Also, I try and squeeze too much on my stall but spacing things out sometimes shows them up better. I usually end up with the ‘jumble sale’ look if I’m not careful :joy:


Please could you pop me down for another sale @MaxPringJewellery. Thank you x


Good afternoon happy dancing for your sales Sarah, Mel, Joss and Dave and a whoop for your first sale Dave @ScruffyBobsEmporium :slight_smile: :dancing_men: :dancing_women:

Well I finished sorting the craft stash and dropped everything off at the recycling centre and second hand shop, the craft stuff was sold within an hour lol! hope I have as much luck with the stash I kept to sell just need to take pics and list :roll_eyes: