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Folksy 365 - Daily Listing Challenge Thread - DECEMBER 2017

(Louise) #161

Oh my goodness that does sound like a nightmare visit. Hopefully you’ll have some respite soon

(Jacqueline Ostrowka) #162

Ouch! well done, you are very brave, afraid i’d have had it pulled out, certainaly couldn’t have my face covered.

All loved to here

(Brenda Cumming) #163

good afternoon…hope everyone is well and that those who had fairs over the weekend had good sales.
a fantasy fairy aceo from me today.

(Sasha Garrett) #164

Since there was some fossil love going on here over the weekend I hope you won’t mind me showing you the commission I was working on

a regular gave me the ammonites to set and whilst I’m pleased with the result I’ve told him next time get some with flat backs!
And here’s my new listing for the day

(Stephanie Short) #165

Hiya everyone!
Thanks v.much for cake love X
A relist today

Steph x

(Tina Martin) #166

Oh dear, not very nice experience, I’ve had to root canal fillings done neither of which I had to go through anything quite like that, although not very nice I have to admit.

I also with you on the not liking taking drugs but now unfortunately I have one I have to take everyday forever, not happy doing so though but hey ho.

Hope you’ll be feeling much, much better soon x

(Tina Martin) #167

Some lovely work on here this morning, love those earrings @SashaGarrett

I’ve listed a few different packs of postcards today which I’ll probably spread here over the week.

First pack is my flower pot postcards;

(Karen Ellam) #168


I’m just nipping in to catch up whilst I’ve got five mins with a brew.

I didn’t make it in yesterday with my listing so will try to pop back later with something.

Love your cake Stephanie @stephshortstationery it’s beautiful. The peachy flowers look fab. :grinning:

Hope your feeling better soon Patricia @silverbirchstudio :hibiscus:

Those cufflinks are amazing Sasha @SashaGarrett :heart_eyes:

So glad you got your toothache sorted @thedotterypotter I too get super anxious about the dentists and always panic when I need something done because I have abit of a phobia of choking on something when all those contraptions are in my mouth. I totally forget to breathe with fear. It’s just awful isn’t it.
That rubber gadget they used on you sounds dreadful. :fearful:
Taking medication has always been another of my dreads as well. Again it’s a choking fear. … some of those antibiotics pills are huge. They don’t seem possible to swallow.
I’ve had to overcome it over the years with taking a tablet daily and it is only a small one.
Anything bigger though and it sends me into a dither.
I hope your feeling better soon :hibiscus:

I will pop back in abit to list. I need to order some new bits and bobs for my shop. I’ve almost run out of jumprings and keyring hoops.
I’m terrible for keeping on top of findings.

Karen x

(sandranesbitt) #169

another beautiful pattern book

(sandranesbitt) #170

pretty cool Steph

(carolinefrodsham) #171

Woo hoooo :smiley::smiley::smiley:
(that was about you being on a roll- it always looks weird a lot further down the thread )!

(carolinefrodsham) #172

Poor you :frowning:️Take it easy and hopefully all that traumatic dentist horror will pay off and your tooth will be fixed and no more pain :smiley:Well done for getting through it :smiley:

(carolinefrodsham) #173

Back from my travels . Loved the Gorillaz concert ; even though we were right at the back at the top and felt like we were perched on a cliff edge! Saw my mum too and my oldest friend . Still on high alert for my son in London but seems to be ok so far . Don’t know whether I can list and what I am going to do with no light .
Do have 3 sales to report @paperchainsandbeads ( even though I haven’t actually posted anything on here for December yet .) Forgive me . Have favourited lots and lots though :smiley:
Take care all

(Adien Crafts) #174

Catching up with hearting now Folksy is beahving for me.
Added another listing today too

vintage xmas  Collage

(So Sew Megan) #175

Caught up. Hope that’s all over and done with now Sarah @thedotterypotter sounds a horrible experience.
We had a lovely “early family Christmas “. It was just really nice to have all the family together though it really tired me out.
Also had my first stripe sale,:dancer: so one to report Maxine @paperchainsandbeads but not impressed with the long delay between the customer paying and the money going into the account.
Won’t be back to list tonight, just recharging my batteries!

(Ali Dufty) #176

Another new bowl from me today…
Oh heavens Sarah @thedotterypotter , thats a miserable experience . I 've been through the same thing many years ago , I still feel ill thinking about it . I’m sure the antibiotics will kick in quickly , good luck :slight_smile:

(Barbara Byrom) #177

Something new for me today - an arm knitted infinity scarf.

(Sarah Bell) #178

Well done for going @thedotterypotter :slight_smile:

An evening relist for me, all caught up and pinned :slight_smile:

(magsmaxwelljewellerydesign) #179

Hello All

Here is my re-list today…just off up above to catch up on the days events - hope all is well for you all Best Mags

(Deborah Jones) #180

Sarah @thedotterypotter glad you got a diagnosis and some antibiotics. The reason I said maybe it was an infection was because a friend ignored an abscess under a tooth and ended up with blood poisoning. The fall out of which was he ended up having to have heart valves replaced with pig valves -that only had a short life span. When I met him he was due valve replacement surgery - as they had reached their 10 year limit. Thankfully surgery had moved on in the meantime and his new valves were expected to last.
Take the tablets :slight_smile: !