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Folksy 365 - Daily Listing Challenge Thread December 2020!

I think it’s a lovely idea. I would vote for weekly, maybe you pick the challenge until/unless you want someone else to have a go? Not sure where it would go though, showcase? Sign me up!:blush:


We did one years ago, it was fun, as well as the aceo challenge. I remember we had a fairy tale challenge, I created a hat on the theme of jack and the beanstalk. I found it got the creative juices flowing!


Happy for you to do the hosting Sarah. Think weekly is too short as know I sometimes struggle to finish something in a week, plus those working may need more time. Perhaps do a vote under Craft Talk to see what peoples opinions are as to timescales etc.


Good morning everyone, Happy birthday Brenda, have a lovely day. The last of my petite gemstone drops from me today -


Happy Birthday Brenda xxx


Good morning all and a very Happy Birthday Brenda @teabreaks, hope you have a fantastic day :slight_smile:
Well done to all those with sales this weekend especially the peddlers, it looks to have been a fantastic event so far :slight_smile:
Just a quick relist from me today of a little pretty pink baby set, have a great Sunday all :slight_smile: xxx

Pink baby set


Morning all, lovely and frosty here today.

Happy birthday Brenda @teabreaks :birthday:
Last time we did the general challenge once a month, and we chose a relevant theme for something in the month, off the top of my head I remember st George’s day, Valentine,Wimbledon, hallowe’en. The ACEO painting one was once a week I think, and that was from photos.

I have some catching up to do with loving and pinning, and finding a listing for today.


Happy Birthday Brenda @teabreaks! :tada: have a great day. Gorgeous house Sally Ann, hope all goes smoothly. New listing today is a resin bib necklace


Happy days!
Just listed this Christmas card. I have 4 available.


@teabreaks Penblwydd hapus, Brenda! It might be cold but you’ve got the sun out to celebrate.

A weekly challenge sounds like fun. Last January I took part in a daily sketchbook challenge and it was hard keeping up. I haven’t even attempted the daily challenge my art tutor has set up this month.

My job for today is to empty the shed and move it off the gravel and away from the building. Some creature has been burrowing under it. Hope I’m not in for a shock. :rat::rat::rat:

This has been languishing in my shop for too long.


Today’s listing from me a little Chamomile filled pillow …


Happy birthday @teabreaks!!

@thegreetingscardshop I suppose I just feel like I’m spreading myself a bit thin and not really doing a good job of anything. I’m not usually so morose, probably in need of a good dose of vitamin D.

Delighted to have a sale to report @NOfkantsCurios, whether it’s related to the market I’m unsure as they didn’t use the discount code from it.

Today another headband, anyone else struggle with getting red to show up nicely in photos?


Well done Jennifer @JenStarKnits on your sale! Happy dancing for you!

Natalie x


Morning everyone. Relist again and might be for a while. I think I am getting caught up then orders fly in.

Happy Birthday Brenda @teabreaks.


“singing” Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Brenda, Happy Birthday to you. xxxx :smiley: :birthday: :gift: :balloon: :tea:
Lemon meringue is my favourite, so I’ll be joining you :smiley:


Hi everyone!,

I hope you all had a great day yesterday on Folksy Market? (I don’t think I could have partaken as I can’t do “live” etc or video but I hope it was all lucrative for everyone!).

We have had a busy last 2 days, the new hedge man came & has now given us a wonky hedge. - up & down etc. What can be said!

My partner (Mo’s dad) got a call from NHS saying his colonoscopy can now be done today!! so he has had to starve & drink the horrible sutff - from yesterday! (We have all suffered & partaken in this event). This is quite surprising as the team said he would get an appointment in 2021. He has needed one for over a year as his Ulcerative collitis has been dreadful. He is abit hyper anxious now thinking bad news. So I have been looking after 2 persons - Mo & D.

Hope everyone is okay!
Here is our list today,

Thank you so much for everyone sharing us - I am going backwards (everyone above me) as usual, & will come back on after we have been to the Hospital etc


Happy birthday Brenda @teabreaks Please save some of that raspberry pavlova for me x
The house looks lovely SallyAnne @thegreetingscardshop I hope it all goes through smoothly for you
Even though I am not listing anything at the moment I am still reading everyone’s news and loving your beautiful goodies. Well done on all the sales and good luck to all those taking part in the market x


Happy Birthday Brenda, @teabreaks have a super day :birthday:
Sarah, @dotterypottery I’m in awe of your sales tally😁
Roz, @OrchardFelts thinking about your heating, we had a woodstove fitted last year when I was in America (so I didn’t have to put up with the disruption) anyway, we had a corrugated steel liner put in the chimney, so your chimney shouldn’t be a problem I would have thought? It’s a beautiful heat.
I’m all for trying some creative challenges, including aceos. I’m hardly sewing at the moment as I have far too much stock. I am thinking of making new masks for everyone for Christmas if I can remember how to sew in a straight line :joy:
SallyAnn @thegreetingscardshop the house and garden looks lovely, will the spare bedroom be your crafting room?
3 sales to report please Natalie @NOfkantsCurios

Today’s listing



Well done Sue @SueTrevor on another 3 sales! Happy dancing for you!

Natalie x


I suppose you can say that your new hedge man is now your ex hedge man. Our gardener does a great line in wonky hedges and bald patch lawns.
Good luck with the aftercare following the operation. Hope everything goes well.