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Folksy 365 - Daily Listing Challenge Thread - FEBRUARY 2018

(Fluff and Stuff) #602

Morning all, something abit different today, coasters made with string, have a great day all.

(Louise) #603

Morning everyone, my kitchen is definitely in a state of creative chaos. There’s too many things going on at once in there :see_no_evil:

Another new colour of tea lights

(Louise) #604

Oops forgot to add my link for Louise Grace

(Natalie Ofkants) #605

Good morning everyone,. My listing today is another picture Jasper gemstone keyring or handbag charms, this time with silver tone keyring findings.

Natalie x

(Karen Ellam) #606


I’m having another bit of a lie in this morning.

I can hear hubby preparing the tea in the slow cooker so I don’t want to get in the way. :wink:
He’s making the filling for a nice pie.
Making a chocolate cake too… :blush:

I can’t hear any rain this morning, but it did get super windy last night.

I just have a relist today.
I’m hoping to start on a Mokume Gane project next week as it’s one of my favourite Polymer Clay techniques. I bought a new slicing tool for removing really thin, even layers of the design which I just struggle to do with a blade.

(Maxine Veronica) #607

Good morning everyone, yay happy dancing fro sales Valerie, Mel and Sarah :dancer:

Pauline @PollysWares138 I have posted a link for you on the love promotion post and tagged you so hopefully you can join in with at least one thing today, if you could click on the link above yours and leave a little love then the next person will do the same for your link :). I think the same happened to Carol @Knittingtopia a few weeks ago, I think it lasts a week :frowning:

I’m making some little books today, have let me stock get a bit low been too busy making jewellery lol! had a good run of books his weekend so will need to make some large ones next weekend to stock back up!

meanwhile here’s todays

(Thedotterypotter) #608

Good morning - glorious sunshine here :slight_smile: Loving it!

Another sale for me please Max @paperchainsandbeads - woo hoo, the sales fairy found her way back again - twice in the same night - hehe!

Karen @karenscraftybitz - would love to see your new process in action when you do it :slight_smile:

My listing today is another Love heart:

(Linda Wild) #609

Morning, all caught up to here. After managing to avoid colds all winter I’ve finally succumbed, and now the washing machine has given up the ghost … good times :joy:

Just a re-list from me today

(EllyRowbothamPrintmaker) #610

Morning!! …Mix of sunshine, rain, hail, & wind…we have it all today!

Here’s my listing - StarGazey Cancer Starsign - not relevant at all… currently… :smile:
One of my fave StarGazeys, I love the colour which I mixed on my press’s inking plate …more block cutting for me today

(Sue) #611

Morning all, creative clutter, I live in a constant mess, fabric everywhere! We used to tidy up for 6 birthdays and Christmas also if we knew people were coming around, that is enough for me. Having said all that, we have a habit of piling things on top of each other in the spare rooms, and having recently made our bedroom a clutter free haven it has had a knock on effect with the rest of the house, but I am addressing this problem, I have enough stock and it’s not a nice time to be in the garden so tidying it is! It might take a while, I may have moments of despair, but I have to keep reminding myself that I have done it before, and I can do it again… does anyone else have any motivational words of wisdom! I mean there must be some people who can juggle being creative and tidy and everything else!
Today’s listing

(Brenda Cumming) #612

good morning…sunny but cold here …
today I have another white baby cardigan

(Stephanie Short) #613

Morning all!
Still working my way through pinning and loving
Natalie @NOfkantsCurios sorry I’m a bit late in congratulating you, but many congrats :champagne:
Here’s my listing today

Steph x

( Carol ) #614

Yes I got put in Facebook jail. I was sharing a post from my business page to groups. I posted in one group fine, went to post in the 2nd group and got put in jail! If you try to post in a group it will tell you how many days you have left until you can post again.

The idea is if you post in too many groups too quickly, you are seen as being spammy. The best of it was though, I’d only posted in one group whereas before, and since getting out of jail, I post in around 8! FB is just a pain in the butt at times :blush:

(PollysWares138) #615

Morning All so I am a criminal at my age what ever next. Will just have to sit tight till fb think that I am a reformed character.

Thank you Max @paperchainsandbeads for listing one of my items. I will look at that as soon as I have finished here.

I haven’t had any messages when I post Carol @Knittingtopia I can just post to 1 group other than my own and can’t comment on anybody else’s posts. Will look out to see if I can see anything when I try to post after I have looked at Max’s post.

Another Bracelet listed today, this time a sunstone and agate stretch bracelet.

(PollysWares138) #616

All done up to here. I really like the idea of creative clutter. I have my work room which gets probably an annual clean up where I find a whole stash of beads which have been swept up after dropping them all through the year. In addition to that there is always a pile of my shop and craft stuff on the end of our dining room table. How slovenly.

Just off to look at fb now. There’ll probably be tears before bedtime.

( Valerie Dockerty) #617

Good morning everyone

(Ali Dufty) #618

Have popped in to ‘love’ but will list one of my new bowls later once they are photographed . Just had torrential hail here , but sun out again :slight_smile: more soon ! …

(Sasha Garrett) #619

I think I’m immune to work room ‘clutter’ after years of exposure. My dad worked from home and his workroom was full of half built computer boards, prototypes cycling through on the test rig, paper drawings of PCB layouts, spools of wire and so on. It wasn’t clutter it was work in progress. (and that did spread out into other bits of the house as my sister and I were the company scums and so could be found in the living room plaiting up cables and things like that) When I worked in a lab there would be flasks and vials lined up at the back of the hood all carefully labelled and all essential (at least in my mind) for the work in hand, the only time the fumehood was clear was when I was about to do (or had just done) a reaction that I thought might go bang (or when we were closing down the labs which often involved things going bang and on one occasion bomb squad being called out!). We would always leave a certain amount of stuff in your hood when you went on holiday to stop anyone taking it over. If work spaces are too tidy it makes me suspicious that no work is being done…
Anyway on to a non valentines relist, I’m fed up of hearts now.

(Rosesworkshop) #620

Happy dance! Add a sale for me please Maxine @paperchainsandbeads my first since last November!

(Valerie Farrell) #621

I think I am losing the plot . I know I did a new listing yesterday but I just can’t find it.
My workspace is full of clutter too and my husband complains about all the bits of cotton in the vac.
Here are 2 new purses added to my sale

Valerie x