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Folksy 365 - Daily Listing Challenge Thread - FEBRUARY 2018

(Sally Lucas) #622

Oooh, lovely tweed!

(Sally Lucas) #623

Afternoon all, just got asked for a red purse and couldn’t believe I hadn’t made and listed any before. Also, it matches my sweater today, must be a red kind of day!

Also, add a sale for me please @paperchainsandbeads

Can anyone tell me what has changed - I used to upload both the photo and the link and it would appear just as a large photo without the description - now it doesn’t allow me to copy the photo from the listing (when I right click) only the actual listing?

(Cariad Crafts) #624


Well done on the sales

We have had everything weather wise today, sun, rain, sleet, hail, wind. aaaargh

Here is my new one

Carol xx

(Ali Dufty) #625

Okey dokey , got a few new bowls photographed and ready to roll !! Todays listing… hygge inspired pale beige ,felted bowl. With some large , vintage MOP buttons …

Hope everyone’s enjoying their Sunday :smile:

(Alison Mackenzie) #626

Afternoon all,

Not a brand new card, but one that expired on the other side, so I moved it over into my Folksy shop.
Love the idea of creative clutter. There’s lots of clutter in my workspace, but not so much creativity. :wink:

(MadeintheTemple) #627

A relist from me today. Creative clutter will only be found in my workroom. My hubby cannot live in mess, not ultra tidy but not messy and I must admit I need a tidy house to think straight. Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend.

(Sanad00 (Bloomin Gorgeous) ) #628

Late again today, sorry the one I was working on to list did not turn out, so listing this one instead. My gemstone one will be listed on another day.

(magsmaxwelljewellerydesign) #629

Hello :slight_smile:

elly @EllyRowbothamPrintmaker love that colour too its my favourite

Sue @SueTrevor not sure about words of wisdom re being tidy but on instagram which Im just getting the hang of I follow an amazing tidying guru - who’s key thing is …if it doesn’t ‘spark joy’ then its not in the house! She has thousands of followers! In awe of her gorgeous clear style…Ive got a bit to go :wink: :wink: Her name is Marie “KonMari” Kondo and the before and after photos are great!

Congrats Simone @rosesworkshop!

Heres my offering. Just a little relist from me today and hopefully something new tomoz…

PS will love all this eve - promise!

(Louise) #630

I must look her up mags @magsmaxwelljewellerydesign we have a huge declutter that we need to do as we’re hoping to move house in the next year.

Woohoo I’m off the mark for February, can you mark me down for a sale max @paperchainsandbeads 1 sale but 2 items :tada:

(Sue) #631

Oh, I’ve not seen her Instagram account, I did purchase her book though… it drove me insane, her style of writing… it was a while back now, I can’t remember exactly what annoyed me and I couldn’t finish it! if anyone wants my copy it’s free to a good home! Hang on, free to a good home when I find it amongst all my clutter :joy:

(Sue) #632

Moving house is a wonderful time to declutter, you really don’t need to transport any unnecessary items. I did it 15 years ago, I did it in the 3 months we had, room by room. Absolutely brilliant. Now, 15 years later, and the children have all grown up, and some have left home, we need to do it again, without the move! I like where we are.

(jessicagoulty) #633

Creative clutter indeed. I am also a collector ( as is my husband) so you can imagine what we are like! We get joy out of all of it so it isn’t likely to leave the house!

Thing is, why is it the only time I can’t find something is when I’ve tidied it up? I did do a big rearrange the other day as sometimes it occurs to me there is a much more efficient way of storing things. Which then usually means I end up freeing up some space only for me to then start thinking about what I could fill it with :grin:

Relist today, pendant does match earrings I listed the other day though!

(Thatenamelguy) #634

@PollysWares138 thanks for parrot love.
Must remember ‘creative clutter’ - when Joss gets concerned about the the tidiness of the house (not often because her piles of craft and WinP rival mine} I tell her I’ll sort it all out when the rush is over.:grin:
Another new listing today

(Thedotterypotter) #635

I’ve just spent the last 4 hours cleaning and decluttering. I’m not sure I’ve made much of a dent in it all to be honest but I’ve got a bag of clothes to take to the clothing bank, a small TV to sell and a lot less dust in my house than I had this morning. I am feeling very virtuous now - lol!
This deserves a big bar of chocolate tonight now - doesn’t it?

(Barbara Byrom) #636

Cotton fingerless gloves today.

(Louise) #637

Several bars in my book :laughing:

(Louise) #638

I’m pretty sure that I have several cupboards with things in that I’ve kept just incase, things like boxes for gadgets that went to gadget heaven years ago :see_no_evil:

(magsmaxwelljewellerydesign) #639

Tee Hee :slight_smile: You made me smile Mags:slight_smile:

(So Sew Megan) #640

Sorry, it’s another boat!

Karen @karenscraftybitz i have no idea what your new technique is but am looking forward to your new listings!
Hope you feel better soon @wildrosedesigns
Isn’t @EllyRowbothamPrintmaker card lovely, I bought a Capricorn version last month and I was delighted with it.
Enjoy your chocolate @thedotterypotter!

(Claire Mead) #641

Hi, I’ve just added a new tissue holder with tissues x