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Folksy 365 - Daily Listing Challenge Thread - FEBRUARY 2018

(Rosesworkshop) #702

(Louise) #703

Enjoy your holiday Sasha

(Daniel Heffer) #704

Feeling Beat after today so here’s a new painting :wink:

hope everyone’s doing ok!

Dan x

(carolinefrodsham) #705

Glad you had a successful stall :smiley:Where are you off ? Did I miss that news :upside_down_face:? Have a great time . I assume you will if it involves any sunshine :smiley:

(Maxine Veronica) #706

Love this one Dan, I just thought it might help to switch your pictures around on your listing, you can just click and move them in edit. The first picture is the one that gets shown in all the thumb nails and the wall hanging one might not show very well. Also worth expanding your titles to include that it’s a painting, this helps with SEO and search engines :slight_smile: also pinned for you to my pinterest board

(Daniel Heffer) #707

oh thank you so much for the advice! i will do that right away! :slight_smile: much appreciated and thank you!

(PollysWares138) #708

Thank you Roz @OrchardFelts

(MadeintheTemple) #709

Super late today don’t know where the time has gone and jittery as I haven’t sewn since Friday!
Congratulations Maxine @paperchainsandbeads on your milestone, truly deserved and love your chicks @SoSewMegan, reminds me of our brief encounter with chickenkeeping all 12 weeks of it.
A wedding decoration is today’s listing.

(Karen Ellam) #710

Have a lovely break Sasha @SashaGarrett

I’m loving your new painting Dan. It’s really eye catching @danheffer

I didn’t get the chance to list anything new today. I need to have a serious talk with myself… I just get sooooo distracted. Not having a good day with my OCD and feel I’ve wasted such a vast chunk of my creative time :disappointed_relieved:
Tomorrow’s a new day so hopefully I can pull myself together abit.

(BeadifulByJill) #711

Here’s todays listing

(Claire Mead) #712

Hi everyone, I’ve just added this lovely bright floral coin purse to my shop x

(Claire Mead) #713

Amazing, well done xx

(Sue Mellem) #714

Late as usual - been out Speed Friending at WI - good fun!

Congratulations on the well deserved milestone Max @paperchainsandbeads

Relisting today

(Patricia Smith) #715

Congrats Max @paperchainsandbeads on reaching your milestone in a very short time! Well done Sasha @SashaGarrett on your stall sales. Before you disappear Sasha, I would like to ask you about craft shops and galleries in Cambridge. I’ll be there for a couple of days next month and I’m sure there must be one or two that are worth a visit. OH used to work there years ago and wants a trip down memory lane for his birthday!

(Maxine Veronica) #716

Good morning, thank you for all the congratulations on reaching my milestone :slight_smile:

(Louise) #717

Morning everyone

(MadeintheTemple) #718

Morning all, a relist from me today on a fishy theme.

(Natalie Ofkants) #719

Very wet and windy today in Newbury!

My listing today is a double sided golden pyrite Ammonite fossil specimen.

Natalie x

(carolinefrodsham) #720

Wow I love that Natalie :smiley:

(So Sew Megan) #721

Thanks for your chick love @EllyRowbothamPrintmaker, @thedotterypotter and @MadeintheTemple, best use of a tea towel I know , cut it up! Actually can’t complain OH does all the washing up.
Thought I’d be super efficient and list early and now realise I haven’t actually written the listing yet!:joy: