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Folksy 365 - Daily Listing Challenge Thread - JANUARY 2018

(Louise) #402

Happy new year everyone, I hope it’s OK for me to jump back into the thread 9 days into the year.

I’m starting to add different items to my shop this year starting with these notebooks and there will be new candles and melts coming soon too

(Brenda Cumming) #403

good morning all dull and grey outside today…
I have another of my aceos today.

(Jeanie Hansford) #404

Two new fucshia embroidered greetings cards

(Sheree@LivingWildStudios ) #405

Morning @SueTrevor well done on getting the invite. Excellebt stuff. 6 hours is like a full day’s work so going by Arts Council England fees and Artist’s Union England you should be charging:

Hourly Rates
£20.25 p/hr new graduate artist
£26.25 p/hr with 3 yrs + experience
£31.25 p/hr with 5 yrs + experience

Sessional/Daily Rates
£160 p/day (£ 80 p/ 1⁄2 day) new graduate artist £210 p/day (£105 p/ 1⁄2 day) 3 yrs experience £260 p/day (£130 p/ 1⁄2 day) 5 yrs+ experience

Hope this helps :grin:

(Sheree@LivingWildStudios ) #406

Thank you @cariadcrafts11 for your kind words :grin:

(Sheree@LivingWildStudios ) #407

Morning all

On my way up to Scotland today to get on a plane to Iceland. This will be my 4th time there in Just over 2 years. I’m fixing to facilitate a creative retreat in Iceland for women in June!!! Final research trip, honest. Hoping to see some Northern Lights.
Here is my Iceland inspired listing today - Ice Ice Baby!
Have a good day :grin:

(Valerie Farrell) #408

Good morning .
Its very difficult to stop people copying your work. Its happened to me a few times but you just have to keep soldiering on and hope they get fed up.
How do you decide what fabrics to buy??? When I get very excited about new fabrics they don’t sell as quickly as I would like and the old favourites seem to sell better. My daughter tells me to buy what I don’t like and they will sell.
Old favourites today

Valerie x

(EllyRowbothamPrintmaker) #409

Hi Everyone, not able to list currently because I’m working on a wedding invite I can’t reveal (frustrating), 4 different Lino blocks, with some lovely typesetting & a lot of printing!!!

@thedotterypotter & @carolinefrodsham - My son & I FaceTime - often we’ll do it whilst we’re both washing up or doing other stuff - it’s a virtual hang-out, I find it far better than phonecalls - It softened the blow a bit when he first left home…

@SueTrevor - I agree with everyone’s comments re:courses. I love your work, it’s beautiful.
Do you want to use your materials? What about providing similar materials & @paperchainsandbeads is right - provide cheaper tools that you’re happy to be expendable. I used to teach 6 hour courses. I’d break the day up with a short morning & afternoon breaks & a ½ hr(ish) lunch. It’s good to have something relatively easy to make, that you can be flexible with, i.e. keep simple for less able, expand for more able. If they’re textile artists already I’m guessing they’ll have transferable skills. Map your day to a basic plan that you can steer back to, particularly if you get more able learners with lots of questions who might dig to deeply into your hard-learned tricks-of-your-trade.

Cost-wise I do this: multiply your hourly rate by 6 hours & divide by number of learners + materials per learner, plus venue (if you have to hire one), it’s a good starting point & tweak for learner-affordability/your-earning. The more learners you have the better rate per learner BUT the more learners you have the harder it is for you. Don’t forget, you can use your more able learners to help your less able, where necessary if you’re in too much demand - it’s good for their learning. Don’t worry about people ‘expecting an experienced tutor’ - ALL Teacher’s/Tutors have to start somewhere - even trained teacher’s & you really do learn on the job, & in the beginning it’s a scary-ol’ They’re-Gonna-Find-Me-Out business. You know your subject, they want to know from you! Good luck!

Can you tell I was a teacher! …I’ll stop… - bit of a stream of consciousness - back to the mammoth wedding-invite mega-print-a-thon!

Here’s my card good for Mother’s Day!

(Ali Dufty) #410

Was determined to get one in before midday!! Mega felting session today. :slight_smile:

Ugh , still have the lights on , so no chance of photographing that’s for sure!
Just some tags today, suitable for home decor and a multitude of occasions …

(Roz) #411

Didn’t make it this morning - was busy making bags - just waiting for some stiffening for the base before I can list them. Heres a sneak preview :slight_smile:

I’ve even managed a listing as well - this is one of several pompoms that I have had made since before Christmas - I will get them all listed eventually!

(Sasha Garrett) #412

Well I was hoping that the 6 rounds of sun salutation that the supply yoga teacher made us do might encourage the sun to come out but alas no. Oh well this new bit of fordite doesn’t have as many sparkles so can cope with a gloomy day, hopefully the sun will be out tomorrow.

(Brenda Cumming) #413

One sale to report for me please…(total 1)

(Beadseedz) #414

Good afternoon everyone. Am just off out so here’s my listing and I’ll come back to do some viewing, liking and posting later. The crystals in these match the little pendant I posted a few days ago.

Swarovski Indicolite Crystal Earrings with Sterling Silver

(Brenda Cumming) #415

Just had time to scroll back and read through a few of the postings…
@SueTrevor I used to teach classes at Adult educations centres in London and did it for quite a few years. I loved it but you DO need to be careful not to give all your secrets away.
I would just teach the basics and I would always take supplies to sell to the students.
Perhaps you could make up some bundles of fabrics that they could purchase from you and maybe some threads…making sure that you make a good profit on these…after all you are saving them the time to find and buy these for themselves…
I found that selling materials helped to boost up the money that I earned. I was paid by the local authority as mine were council classes, so I cannot advise on charges but I do know that if people go to a day’s art lesson today, then the average is £40 - £50 with supplies included. I also wrote a book that I sold and that made good money as well. The book was hand typed (old days) and then photocopied and put in a slide binder…all these extras help boost the income for sharing your talents…Just be careful not to give ALL your secrets away…x

(jessicagoulty) #416

I think your daughter has the right idea! This ALWAYS happens to me…make a sheet of paper I don’t like, it sells first. Make something with paper that I am not keen on, it sells. Make something with paper I love and it gets completely ignored! Nowt stranger than folk!

(Rosesworkshop) #417

I would so LOVE to be paid £31 per hour!


(Cariad Crafts) #418

Loved to here. Will pop back later as just off to visit a friend.

Max @paperchainsandbeads please kick start my January with one sale, thank you.

Carol xx

(PetraBradleyPrints) #419

Replacement for my sale today.

(Stephanie Short) #420

Hi everyone,
Hope all is well,
Max @paperchainsandbeads I’ve fifteen sales for stationery tally and three for supply tally …thank you x
My 40% off Xmas sale seems to be going steady…fingers crossed for a few more, to make up for before Xmas , which was dismal😕
So here’s mine today

(Sue) #421

Thank you all so much for you ideas and experiences, I knew this would be the best place to ask for help, I feel as though I should be paying you lot for chipping in so much useful information… Thanks for the figures @LivingWildStudios, I will base my charges on those I think. @EllyRowbothamPrintmaker yes, I must be able to answer questions quickly without giving all my ideas away. And Brenda @teabreaks yes, I was thinking of taking fabric along to sell, the idea of a booklet appeals, in fact I could make up instructions for a more complicated piece for them to buy and try themselves. And if i did this, I could sell it at fairs or other teaching classes. As for threads, I was thinking of asking them to bring there’s along, as mine cost a small fortune. I was also thinking of taking some of my work along, so they can see what I do in the real and to be able to talk about it. Anymore ideas anyone?