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Folksy 365 - Daily Listing Challenge Thread - JANUARY 2019

(Sharon Halmshaw) #643

Good morning all :slight_smile: here is the link to Junes @junemccabe gorgeous heart mug :slight_smile: xxx

(Sharon Halmshaw) #644

Good morning all :slight_smile: sorry I didn’t get anything listed yesterday as taking photos and editing took me all day, I sure wish it was a quicker job, I do have a new one this morning though, another chunky hat :slight_smile: gotta dash as my boy starts college at 8.30 this morning and he is useless at getting up without me nagging :wink: have a lovely Friday everyone with lots of lovely sales :slight_smile: xxx

(Roz) #645

Happy Birthday Kim @konyskiw

Thanks for all the support, I’m sure life will return to normal soon. Think I am just struggling with the uncertainty at the moment - lots potentially going on but its all up in the air just now.

I used to be able to sleep for England until a few years ago when I started waking up at around 4am every morning. Eventually I just gave into it and didn’t try to sleep beyond that. Things are better now and its usually around 6:30 before I wake - cant make it to midnight though!

No making for me today - must continue with the job application this morning and this afternoon I have to take my Dad and Stepmother into town. My Dad and I are going to look at MacBooks while my Stepmother visits the dentist … I know which option I prefer :slight_smile:

Luckily I still have some new things to show

(Lynn Britton) #646

Good morning. Dark and damp here today.
Lovely to see you back Sharon @OhhhWhatAYarn. Hope things settle down a bit for you Roz @OrchardFelts it’s horrid when things are up in the air and there’s not much you can do about it.
Loving the mini Chris @TheChrisArtist takes me back to the days of my youth I had a red one with a blue top.
Happy birthday Kim @konyskiw.
A new hat is my offering today

(Karen Lonergan) #647

Caught up to here with all the loveliness! Fab hats @OhhhWhatAYarn as well as @erkinwald really need those at the moment, flipping heck it’s cold! Love the scarf ring @MaxPringJewellery

Thanks for the ‘Barry Badger’ love @SarahDesignsUK he’s had over 100 views and was only listed at about 17.00 yesterday! ACEO’s are new for me, so let’s see if it leads anywhere, fun to paint though!!

Happy Birthday Kim @konyskiw - hope it’s a good day for you!

Will be back later to list something new - in the meantime Happy Friday

(Helen Healey) #648

Happy Birthday Kim :tada::birthday:

(Sharon Halmshaw) #649

Happy Birthday Kim @konyskiw :champagne::birthday: xxx

(Brenda Cumming) #650

Happy Birthday Kim @konyskiw …have a lovely day.

Today I have a baby chunky jacket…

(Deborah Jones) #651

Happy birthday Kim @konyskiw

Just off to the woods with the pooches, back with a listing later.

(Claire Mort) #652

Good morning everyone x
Thank you everyone for your kind words and lovely welcome back x @MaxPringJewellery, @carolinefrodsham, @TheChrisArtist, @cathscards, @SarahDesignsUK, and @junemccabe… really made me feel lovely x
anyhoo I am going to try my best to keep up… still waiting for op to happen … tedious x and am in loads of pain periodically but plodding on…
soooooo happy birthday to @konyskiw hope you have a fabulous day x
here’s my contribution this morning x

(Verchielbeadsandjewellery) #653

Morning! Heres my listing for today

(XStitcherJoss) #654

Happy Birthday Kim @konyskiw
Your little snowflake pendant is lovely, @Beadseedz . It’s so delicate. And so are the unusual rings @Verchielbeadsandjewellery.

(Sue) #655

Morning all
Happy birthday Kim @konyskiw :birthday::cake::tada:
Today’s listing is a pocket mirror

It’s the end of the 1st semester today at my daughter’s uni. Which means she’s frantically getting everything together for assessments. She has done so much work! She also needs to finish her dissertation by Monday. They now call it a report, but it’s more or less the same thing, lots of words, then she has 3 weeks off, or rather 3 weeks when she can’t go into university but will start working on her final major project. I’m as uptight about her assessment as she is, I hope she gets everything done in time!

(Thedotterypotter) #656

Good Morning everyone :slight_smile:

I’m still struggling with my mental health but I think it will do me good to try and keep up with this thread again. So, I am going to try. I’ve been in the studio but it’s really hard to be creative with intrusive thoughts going through your mind isn’t it - my biggest problem is that I am my own worst enemy and too much time alone with my own thoughts is not good…lol!
Sending love and hugs to everyone else that is also struggling at the moment, especially Roz @OrchardFelts, Sarah @SarahDesignsUK and June @junemccabe xxx

They seem to put them under so much pressure at uni these days @SueTrevor - hope your daughter manages to take a little bit of down time after she hands in her dissertation before she starts her final project. My Son is only in his first year and he’s got 3 major assignments to get finished by next week. One of them is as many words as my final dissertation at Uni and we all thought that was a mammoth task then!

Hope you have a fab Birthday Kim @konyskiw :balloon::tada::confetti_ball:

I had 1 sale yesterday to add to the tally please Max @MaxPringJewellery x Loving your new notecards today too x

My listing today are some Easter Eggs left over from last year

(LemonandGinger) #657

Just listed…

(Amanda Crago) #658

I’ve just added these really pretty beaded medallion type earrings!

Although I’m struggling to think of ways to describe them apart from beaded medallion!

(Thedotterypotter) #659

they really are very pretty…how about beautiful purple beaded statement earrings? (that probably needs some punctuation…lol!)

(Sue) #660

Yes, she will relax a bit, but not much, like me she is a slow worker and needs all the time she can get to try and get as much done as she can. It’s her final year, she won’t have the opportunity again!

(PetraBradleyPrints) #661

Happy Birthday @konyskiw have a great day. I love Birthdays.

Its amazing @DeborahJonesJewellery to see you up there at the top of the list what an achievement.

Keep your chin up @thedotterypotter your work is so bright and breezy and appealing. Sorry you are not feeling your best.

(Jeanie Hansford) #662

Here is my latest loo roll cosy, candy pink and purple,
with a Victorian lady on top