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Folksy 365 - Daily Listing Challenge Thread - JANUARY 2019

(Sharon Halmshaw) #683

Lovely to see you back Sarah and I hope we can help in some way, take care and be kind to yourself :heart: xxx

(Karen Lonergan) #684

Caught up to here and loved everyone’s FAB work! welcome back Claire @ClaireMortArtist - hope you start to feel a bit better soon, I have missed seeing your wonderful artwork!

Also welcome to Esme @esmedodsworth, cute pin cushion!

Take care Sarah @thedotterypotter, am sending you positive vibes!

Today I am particularly loving the mouse vest from @XStitcherJoss, those fab beaded earring from fellow Cornish bird Amanda @bowerbirddesigns, the stylish bowl from @MaisyPlum, another gorgeous blanket from @BabanCat (thanks for the Barry Badger love Cat!) and finally from my good friend @TheChrisArtist - very cute Teddy Bear ACEO

Talking of ACEO I have another one today - Randolph Rabbit, a theme is emerging with these names I know ……… I love alliteration, and being a Virgo, so therefore, ever so slightly OCD, they are numbered according to their corresponding letter of the alphabet, so Randolph is number 18………. Barry (husband, not the badger, just rolled his eyes when I told him - mind you he has had years putting up with me, so who can blame him!)

(Natalie Ofkants) #685

Happy birthday Kim @konyskiw

Quick item this evening will make more effort to get some photographs done tomorrow, been out for the count on the sofa today.

Natalie x

(Patricia Smith) #686

Still struggling to catch up! It’s great to see so many on the thread this month. I have a Valentine’s ring today.

(Kim Onyskiw) #687

Thanks for all the birthday wishes :blush: There’s plenty of cake if anyone wants a slice

@MaxPringJewellery I’d never noticed the forum gave birthday cakes before, how cute!

@teabreaks Lovely mix of colours on the jacket, makes me think of the sea.

@thedotterypotter At least trying to join in here means you share a few thoughts with other people. Not quite the same as in person socialising, but it still helps to not feel as alone.

@bowerbirddesigns The middle reminds me a bit of a gerbera flower (or had it all been gold, a sunflower).

@Beadseedz There are some colours my camera just refuses to get right and always take a fair bit of altering afterwards to get close. Teal is normally the worst for me.

@Knittingtopia Oh dear, definitely a very early start for a night owl! I’d just be sleeping from exhaustion after getting up that early (although I’d probably want to nap when I get home and then not be able to sleep at night again).

@HannahBanksJewellery Love the leaf/heart pendant, I noticed it on the front page while I was on my way here.

(Helen Healey) #688

Wow, that cake looks amazing Kim @konyskiw

I’ve been dipping in and out of the news all day and I’ve forgotten everything I wanted to say about it! I had lots of specific hugs to give out but I’ll just have to send a hug to everyone that needs one.

Still beavering away trying to get some projects finished so here’s another relist.

(Valerie Farrell) #689

Just back from my babysitting duties. Lots to catch up on
Happy birthday Kim @konyskiw
Hope things improve Sarah @thedotterypotter
Hope you feel better soon Claire @ClaireMortArtist

Max @MaxPringJewellery please will you add 8 sales. Thanks
Sale items again

Valerie x

(Catherine Spencer) #690

Hello. Here’s today’s listing x

(Thecardjeanie) #691

Hello all,

One for the Ballet dancers…

Jeanie x

( Carol ) #692

Kim @konyskiw don’t eat all of that at once :wink: Hope you’ve had a lovely day.

I’ve been popping in and out all day, I guess I best post a listing :rofl:

(Thecardjeanie) #693


I’ve got 2 sales to report. Can you please add them to the tally for me Max @MaxPringArtAndCrafts.

Many thanks,

Jeanie x

( Valerie Dockerty) #694

Evening everyone
Happy birthday Kim @konyskiw hope you had a lovely day
Sending you a hug Sarah @thedotterypotter
Hope you feel better soon Claire @ClaireMortArtist
A relist today

(Max Pring) #695

Good evening not long in fro work a very long day today team away day :frowning: I wish they didn’t book them for a Friday it messes up my early finish lol!

Yay happy dancing for sales Sarah, Valerie F and Jeanie :slight_smile: :dancer:

Hang on in there Sarah @thedotterypotter, hopefully the fog will lift soon lovely :hugs:

That cake looks yummy Kim @konyskiw

(Ali Dufty) #696

Soft , Merino wool blend throw / blanket 'Beach House ’ from me today …

(Deborah Jones) #697

Well it took me all day to get back with a listing…it has been a very busy first week back.

Sarah @thedotterypotter have you tried listening to audio books while you are working?I find them a brilliant distraction from my own circular thinking/worrying.

Loving your skyline cards @cariadcrafts11.

Thanks for the congrats. Sue, Caroline and Petra , mostly it’s sales to repeat customers and folk I’ve met at fairs. Was wondering if the front page exposure might lure in some new customers, but not yet , as far as I can tell.

(Brenda Cumming) #698

not all the pictures were showing up on here but the links were working OK…
So faved up to here x

(Cariad Crafts) #699

Thank you Deborah, as you know I love your jewellery, in fact I am wearing a pair of your ear rings now

Carol xx

(Cat Thomas) #700

All loved and pinned to here.

Just caught up with that amazing birthday cake Kim @konyskiw Hope you’ve had a great day.

(Sue Mellem) #701

Evening. Didn’t quite make it here yesterday, But I did finish my tax return, although yet to do the painful part of paying my dues. Feels like a weight has been lifted. I just need to catch up with everything that’s gone by the wayside while doing them…such as housework!

Welcome back Esmeralda @esmedodsworth, and great to see you here Claire @ClaireMortArtist. Take care while waiting for your op.
Congratulations on the top slot Deborah @DeborahJonesJewellery. Hope it leads some new customers to you.
Sue @SueTrevor - thinking of your daughter and you…I remember my daughter final uni year last year, I think I lived every assignment with her!!

I’m also a member of the Poor Sleepers Club. I tend t ostay up late but then fall asleep ok, but usually wake at 3 / 4am and have trouble getting off again after that. I think I will try magnesium (sorry, don’t remember who suggested it), got everything crossed as I would Love a decent night’s sleep!

(Verchielbeadsandjewellery) #702

Hi folks - all loved an pinned to here.

I can totally relate to the member of the poor sleepers club Sue @BeadstormJewellery - let me know the results of the magnesium as might have to give that a try!

Sorry to hear your suffering Sarah @thedotterypotter and its great that your joining us on the thread every day.

Love your photos Elly @EllyRowbothamPrintmaker

Good luck to your Daughter Sue @SueTrevor with all her Uni work.

hanks for the ring love @XStitcherJoss

Happy birthday Kim @konyskiw