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Folksy 365 - Daily Listing Challenge Thread January 2021

Thank you for the heads-up , I’ll go take a look !
Well done on your sale too :slight_smile: !! …


All loved and pinned to here


Good evening. Hugs to everyone who needs one and I hope that the hospital visits all went well.

All loved and pinned to here. Stay safe.

Carol x#


Evening Everyone! All caught up to here. Congratulations to all with sales.

A relist from me today.



Evening everyone new earrings today had a lot of problems doing photos today will have to try and re do them
Hope your hospital appointment went well Carol @Knittingtopia
Sorry to hear about your ex mother in law Roz @OrchardFelts hope she makes a good recovery
Copper Flower Pattern Drop Dangle Earrings With… - Folksy


Congratulations on your sale Joss @XStitcherJoss


All loved and pinned to here x


Evening folks.

Hugs to any one who needs one, especially Roz @OrchardFelts

I still haven’t been able to photograph any of my new makes as it’s been another horrendous days weather-wise. So it’s another relist. All loved and pinned to here.


Can I add 2 to the tally please Max @MaxPringJewellery
Will work backwards now.


Hi lynn! @erkinwald. That’s annoying- they won’t even check for you for your husband?
I know they are under pressure but they are quite snappy when you ring the gp’s.
I would try again.

By the way I love your picture on folksy! Flamenco dress! You look lovely Lynn x
I was trying to find you on Facebook- are you on? So I can like you and share any items etc

I’m just going through the list everyone- @BabanCat Cat, I’ve not gotten to you yet - if you have a Fb page x


All loved and pinned to here.
Lynn @erkinwald I know what you mean about getting nowhere ringing health centres. My dad got invited for his vaccine by post before Christmas, the letter took so long to arrive that he missed out, my neighbours had phone calls to book theirs, so have tried to ask that he be notified by phone, but there is no way of getting to talk to anyone , I have emailed too, but got no reply, he wasn’t invited for the second lot, so I’m wondering now where he stands. Luckily it is not too hard for him to isolate if I do all his shopping, and he knows he is very vulnerable, so is being careful. Fingers crossed they all get seen soon.


Evening everyone,

Woke up to yet more snow this morning…even without lockdown wouldn’t be going anywhere.

Hugs to everyone who needs one.

First folksy sale of 2021 to add please Max @MaxPringJewellery thank you Amanda.

A cute Unicorn hand sanitiser holder for tonight,

Take care

Unicorn Hand Sanitiser Holder, Machine Embroide… - Folksy


Thank you for the flamenco skirt love, haven’t danced any flamenco for quite some while now as our little troup gradually reduced to two due to members moving or health issues, but occasionally get the shoes out put the music on and have a good clatter round the kitchen. Sorry Lin but you wont find me on FB, don’t do social media other than Pinterest. :smiley:


Oh Deborah your poor Dad, surely the powers that be must have realised that posting letters at this time was not going to work that well with all the delays that were arising with Royal Mail. It makes you wonder just how many very vulnerable people have missed out. Our surgery is a small rural one and by no means are they overworked you would think a little sympathy and understanding from them and at least an attempt to try and find out if my OH is on the extremely vulnerable list would not be too taxing for them, after all they are ‘the caring profession’ or it was when I worked for the NHS some years ago.
Moan over, toys duly thrown from pram


Thank you but I don’t use FB very often. It’s not a place I enjoy.

My brother, who is 80 and lives in Oxford, was vaccinated this morning. A group of GP practices were together in a hall. His own GP did his. When he looked over his next door neighbour was having hers done. She’s in her early 70s with no underlying health problems. It just seems to be the luck of the draw.
BTW he’s a LOT older than me!


Happy Friday everyone! My item for today, another mug cosy, this one in spring colours!

And I have relisted this agate keyring or Handbag Charm with floral charm.

Natalie x


Morning all, still very cold no snow and no rain atm. In my sewing room this morning have so much new stuff to post 1st Feb. Shame there isn’t a way to only apply discount to some items instead of the whole shop. I know you can amend the sale items but think more satisfying to enter a code into the shopping cart and see the money off.

Spoke to my sister yesterday they almost lost Paul in the early hours of the morning, changed his antibiotics and even sat up and had lunch of cottage pie and yoghurt. She spoke to him but finds it hard to talk for too long. The doc has said a long road to go yet but he is in the right place.

Hugs to all those that need it x


Morning all ! Caught up to here with news - sending lots of virtual hugs out there to all - tough time for a lot of us at the moment. :heart: all the fabulous creative work too

I’m really enjoying painting ACEOs right now so here is another one for you, painted yesterday!

Have a good day ! Kx


Good morning all, happy dancing for your sales Joss @XStitcherJoss Deborah @DeborahJonesJewellery and Mandy @DesignsByMLP :slight_smile: :dancer:

I have clicked and loved to here but can’t seem to pin this morning it’s just hanging all the time and I’m also getting the broken picture image, not sure if it’s me or the site so I haven’t been able to do a Folksy friday board either :frowning:

That sounds positive Caroline @Caroleecrafts :hugs:
Hope your Hosital appt went okay Carol @Knittingtopia :hugs:
Sending hugs to you Roz @OrchardFelts sorry to hear about your ex mother in law and colleagues
Lynne @erkinwald and Deborah @DeborahJonesJewellery I’d check their complaints procedure to see if there is a alternative contact that you might get a response from.



Good morning everyone. Happy Friyay.
Virtual hugs to all who need it :hugs::hugs::hugs:

Today I have a baby blanket. I must get better photos of this one. I done these before getting my lighting. I redone the photos for the other colours I have of these blankets but somehow missed this one.