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Folksy 365 - Daily Listing Challenge Thread - JULY 2019

Afternoon all, rare day to myself so I have been sorting through some bits and bobs to de-clutter and sell on ebay, made a start on a new knitting pattern and finished off a couple of knitting projects and actually got a new listing to share, rare for weekend for me which is normally so busy I don’t get a chance to come up for air! Hope you all have a lovely weekend!


I’ve had a lovely day today. Hubby suggested we go out for a coffee to our favourite coffee shop this morning. Our favourite coffee shop just happens to be on the same street as my favourite fabric shop! You can guess what happened. The last thing I actually needed was more fabric - our dining room and bedroom is stacked out with it!! :rofl: It’s a good job I have an understanding hubby!

I spent all afternoon yesterday taking photos so I can finally banish the relists for a while - yay!! All loved and pinned. Enjoy your Saturday. My new listing incorporates one of my other loves - beach huts.



Sorry been missing, Wimbledon and the garden took over :-((

Just watched the ladies final, BRILLIANT

Here is a relist



Retro tea cosy,Novelty cosy,Two cup tea cosy, Cat tea cosy,Cosy,Retro,Cat.

can not show image as on my iPad,


Good evening all. Finished and just listed this bead daisy.

Now off to see Yesterday - looks good so hope it is :grinning:


Here’s @bluebeezywings item x


Sorry, I’m failing completely this month. I’m not very well. Here’s a relist though x

Liked and pinned you all to here xx


Hope you feel better soon Sarah


Hi, Here is my item for today x


Better late than never ! Felted bowl / desk tidy ‘Wild Thistle’ …


Hope you feel better soon Sarah @SarahDesignsUK x


Good morning all :slight_smile: yay we have a sunny start here in Bradford this morning :slight_smile: no new listing today but I have just re-listed this little pin cushion :slight_smile:
Sorry to hear you are feeling poorly Sarah @SarahDesignsUK I hope you feel better very soon lovely :slight_smile: xxx


A lovely Vivid Blue Paua Shell Silver Ring for a Lovely Blue Sky Sunday Morning.


Good Morning everyone :slight_smile:
1 sale to report please Max @MaxPringJewellery x

Hope you feel better soon Sarah @SarahDesignsUK xx

Just about to put my shop in holiday mode as Mr DP is doing a craft fair for me today. I’ll be back tonight with a listing x

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Hello and welcome the Folksy 365 Daily Listing challenge. Taking part is really easy, just:-

  • List your item and add your link, either just the URL copied and pasted or use the upload button to add a clickable picture.
  • Click on all of the links to view each other’s items, to ensure we all have good viewing figures
  • Promote in whatever way you can/are able to. Promotion of everyone else is not compulsory, but we do appreciate it, pin, blog, share, tweet, like, whatever you can do to get the word out about Folksy is great
  • Let us know when you have a Folksy sale, so we can celebrate and happy dance with you.
  • You must be prepared to join in regularly throughout the month - missing the odd day is fine and of course joining in for part month is fine also, we understand not everyone can be here very single day, but please do not ‘post and run’.

I will endeavour to keep a tally of the month’s sales. Please let me know if I miss any. Sorry! Only Folksy sales can be added to the tally but happy to hear about and celebrate outside successes with you.

Shared promotion opportunities:-
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Help to get seen on social media add #newonfolksy #folksyshop #folksy #folksysellers

Total Sales for June - 223

The Dottery Potter 39
Jennies Gems 3
Max Pring Jewellery 5
Max Pring Art & Crafts 1
Gweddus 2
Wild Rose Designs 1
Orchard Felts 1
Cariad Crafts 2
Kernow Claire 3
Pocketful Creations 3
N Ofkants Curios 1
Caroles Glass 2
Verchiel Beads and Jewellery 1
The Greetings Card Shop 7
Jen Star Knits 1
Erkinwald 1

Total 72

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Hello, I am new to this so I will do my best to do it right.


Hi Jen @JenStarKnits. Received the beautiful Christmas goodies yesterday. They are lovely. You are very talented. SallyAnn xxx


Morning all. Overcast here again today with just the odd patch of blue sky.
Up at the crack of dawn to go to a car boot sale, all I came back with was a couple of DVD’s and a cabbage…
Hugs for all those under the weather or feeling low. Congrats to all those with sales.
An infinity scarf from me today


Hi Robyn @RobynCoetzee - welcome to the thread x


Hi Robyn @RobynCoetzee Welcome to the thread, I’m only 6 weeks new too, very friendly and motivating, Enjoy :+1::tada: