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Folksy 365 - Daily Listing Challenge Thread - JULY 2019

Morning everyone only a relist today
Hope you feel better soon Sarah @SarahDesignsUK
Welcome to the thread Robyn @RobynCoetzee


Sorry to hear you’re not well Sarah @SarahDesignsUK. Hope you feel better soon.

Welcome to the thread Robyn @RobynCoetzee

A brief visit from me as I’m watching the cricket world cup final (Come on England!!) I’ll have a dilemma shortly though when the British Grand Prix starts! Why do these things have to all happen at the same time?! It’s a good I’m not much of a tennis fan or it’d be even worse.

Another new one from me. Just to warn you, I’ll very much have a beach theme going on for a while.


My listing today is in conjunction with today’s Bastille Day / French theme …

A5 altered notebook / journal 'Papillon Bleu ’ …

Hope everyone’s having a lovely weekend . :slight_smile:
Sending Get well soon ’ wishes Sarah @SarahDesignsUK :slight_smile:
Welcome Robyn @RobynCoetzee :slight_smile:


Valerie @valerie I use a free photo collage app on my iPad, there are loads out there, mine is very boring called PhotoCollage lol!

My item for today a lovely lavender toned Agate gemstone keyring or handbag charm.

Natalie x


Aw that’s fantastic, glad they got to you safely! :two_hearts:


Thank you so much for your kind words


Thanks, still getting to grips with understanding this chat forum…


I remember finding the forums so overwhelming Robyn @RobynCoetzee, when I first joined, that I didn’t use them again for ages (they were a lot busier then!) but now, I just set the categories to “all” and “latest” - so you see all the news from all categories with all the newest posts first. It saves having to look through each category.


Good afternoon everyone, happy dancing for yur sale Sarah :slight_smile: :dancer: and there were 3 for me too whoop!

Hope you are feeling better today Sarah @SarahDesignsUK
welcome to the thready Robyn @RobynCoetzee, I wish I didn’t live quite so far away would love to attend your workshop I’m dying to try glass fusing :slight_smile:

sorry I got sidetracked this morning finishing the tiny button head children pictures for daughter (teacher gifts) and have had 7 bangle orders between here and over the way so got busy at the bench, just finished taking pics of new makes ready for next weeks listings but I need to edit first so it’s a re-list for today


Quick stop for me as still watching the tennis! All caught up though.


hope you feel better soon x


Hi all, just a relist from me today. Don’t know where the time goes but hopefully some new bits for next week x


Here is one of my favourite Birthday badges to make!


This is lovely, really my kind of thing. I love Autumn decorations.


Trying to get on top of listing things I made a while ago.


Evening everyone :slight_smile:

Mr DP was really lucky and won first prize in the raffle at the fair today - £200! We are going to get some fencing for the bottom of the garden with it!

My listing today is another little folk art bird:


Lucky day…well done :tada::+1:

All today’s items pinned :+1::+1:


Helen @PocketfulCreations. Another gorgeous iem. xxx


Completely missed the weekend again so just catching up now. I was busy doing a last minute card design, helping clear away Artweek and then finally had a night out (I was trying to be sensible during my busy months). Unfortunately I didn’t sell the main pieces I’d entered to the exhibition, but I think I sold a few smaller bits on the market, just need to count up how much.

@thedotterypotter That overpricing thing is one reason I don’t want to switch to free shipping, I don’t want people to pay more than they have to, and if I have US shipping included in my prices then it means UK customers will be massively overcharged. I really hate that they’re trying to force free shipping on us, but it’s not compulsory, just a big disadvantage if you don’t offer it, so for now I’m going to leave mine as they are and see how it affects my sales. I don’t get loads there but at the moment it’s still more than here. I’d rather sell here, so if I can get more sales here and my sales die there I won’t mind too much and I can close there, but if here is still just the odd card sale and I get no sales there I might have to consider switching to free shipping. If I did it I would increase my item costs there to cover US postage and keeps my costs here the same. Then I would try to think of it (and promote it) as UK/European customers use here (where it’s cheaper for them), and international use there. Hopefully the price difference would encourage people to shop with me here instead.

@Caroleecrafts The listing from the other day is beautiful! I love black lace.

@valerie I definitely go through periods of getting disheartened, wondering if my style just isn’t what people want and if I should just give up and get a normal job… I haven’t given in to it yet though. Luckily a sale will eventually come to push the negative thoughts away. Don’t give up, your fabric selections are great and your items all look really well made. I’m sure it’s just a quiet time and the sales will pick up again soon (summer is usually a quiet time for me).

@ClaireMortArtist If I’m really picky with clothes and will generally pay attention to colour first. If I saw a listing of a white t-shirt I probably wouldn’t click on it because I never wear white… unless it was really obvious other colours were available from what little we see in search. So I’d either go for separate listings, or variations but make sure the main photo shows the colour selection somehow.

Finally got to the end of catching up and I’ve just got a relist for today, but I’ll try get some new listings done this week.