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Folksy 365 - Daily Listing Challenge Thread - June 2018

(Helen Healey) #321

I love the pattern in that sample piece Roz. Personally, I think I’d prefer it without the pompoms. The pompom trim does look lovely but I think the pompoms draw the eye away from the fabric. As the pattern and colours in the felt are so beautiful, it seems a shame if the eye is drawn away from that.

(Helen Healey) #322

Morning everyone. Hope you’re enjoying your weekend. Congrats to all with sales and good luck to anyone with craft fairs today.

I missed yesterday as I wanted to concentrate on making rather than relisting (I did pop in and out to love and pin all your lovely items though).

I’ve got a few items finished now but haven’t photographed them yet so I’m relisting again today. Hopefully photos will be done and I can list something new tomorrow. This cushion (and my other owl cushions) have recently been reduced and added to my SALE section as I’m discontinuing this cushion range.

(Jayne) #323

Afternoon all,

Congratulations to all with sales and good luck to everyone doing craft fairs today.

Busy day today so just popping in with a relist:

Jayne x

(Skylarkimagesuk) #324

Love this. Ordered one for my 3 year old , ‘Didador’ mad Grandson :slight_smile:

(carolinefrodsham) #325

Afternoon all . The sun has gone in and thank goodness it looks like rain so I don’t have to do anymore prep work on painting the outside of the house phewww.
Hope you are all having a good Sunday. Love the felting on your new piece Roz @OrchardFelts and I do love a pom pom! I think ,as already said maybe smaller pompoms and maybe make them all the same colour so as not to detract from the scarf .

(Julie Lewis) #326

Afternoon Everyone
Back with a Raindrops diary card again
Very warm here.
Hope the weekend was ok for you all and you got alot done.
My kind friend came round and tided up my conifer row, which was a great help,
as i cannot do it since 6 heart attacks and 2 cardiac arrests.
Its surprising the amount of light they keep out.
Julie still busy with her cards , think she is crafting some new ones.
Best Wishes Adrianx

(Roz) #327

Back from the fair - brilliant footfall but no one really buying - I have decided fairs outside the Sept-Dec months just aren’t worth doing. Funny how at this time of the year everyone baulks at the prices yet at Christmas they will pay without thinking about it! Still I came away in profit albeit a very small one :slight_smile:

Looks like the pom poms have generally got the thumbs down which is kind of what I was thinking, thankyou all for your honesty - might try some smaller ones or maybe add tassels but expect it will go on the back burner for now.

Nothing new today but heres a relist

Off now to sit in what is left of the sunshine and then a BBQ for dinner :slight_smile:

(Verchielbeadsandjewellery) #328

all loved an pinned to here. Well done Martin and everyone else with sales. I’m still waiting to kick off with mine this month!

(Claire Mead) #329

Hi, here is my new item which I made yesterday x

(Max Pring) #330

good evening yay happy dancing for your sale Martin and one for me too yay thank y Chris @Skylarkimagesuk, will be in the post to you tomorrow :slight_smile: :dancer:

literally just sat down, didn’t get back from shopping until just after lunch then daughter and family turned up so spent the afternoon eating icecream in the garden and blowing bubbles :slight_smile:

(EllyRowbothamPrintmaker) #331

I agree Deborah my Folksy stats are definitely damaged by not posting here daily…can’t wait to get back into it properly!

Bit held-up by Mr R who’s an excellent melodeon tuner & does superb specialist setups for his customers…so he’s got me reed cleaning currently in order to to catch up on his workload - thus delaying me! :neutral_face:

Hope your mum’s diabetes gets sorted Zoe @Zoknitandsew

Love your tubular earrings Caroline @carolinefrodsham - they make me think of grandfather clock weights…

Also love the pom-poms Roz, @OrchardFelts, I like them the size they are :wink:

Loved & pinned to here…

(Brenda Cumming) #332

loved to here x

( Valerie Dockerty) #333

Evening everyone
a new necklace today

(BeadifulByJill) #334

Evening all

Hope you all had a nice weekend

(Sue Mellem) #335

Evening, another day that’s whizzed by. Some of it spent doing bits in the garden - looking better bit by bit. We have some sweet peas that we put in last year and they didn’t do much, but some have self set and are growing well. They have a beautiful smell - I keep going for a sniff!

Nothing new from me, so re-listing

(Verchielbeadsandjewellery) #336

all loved and pinned to here

(Sarah Bell) #337

Evening all,

A new listing from me while trying to settle a little one down. Multitasking!

Liked and pinned all to here!

(Thedotterypotter) #338

Good Evening everyone :slight_smile:

3 sales to report please Max @MaxPringJewellery x

Glad you liked your fox Valerie @jenniesgems x

My listing today is a dandelion fox:

(Max Pring) #339

Good morning yay happy dancing for your sales Sarah :dancer:

Ah Monday again, my weekend flew by!

(Verchielbeadsandjewellery) #340

Happy Monday!! Some Angel love from me today - back later to catch up.