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Folksy 365 - Daily Listing Challenge Thread - MAY 2018

(Ali Dufty) #622

Evening folks ! A late entry from me today . Some vintage -style bee skep tags …

(Max Pring) #623

Evening folks, happy dancing for sales Heidi, Elly, Valerie and Me :dancing_women: :slight_smile:

Ah Carol @cariadcrafts11, thats very upsetting for you, but do try to be positive your other 594 customers have all been very happy and remember you can’t please all of the people all of the time, sending hugs to you :hugs:

(Sue Mellem) #624

Sorry to hear your customer has returned their purchase Carol @cariadcrafts11. Really not necessary of them to make unkind remarks. It’s like a personal attack when it’s about something we’ve made, as our work is very personal to us. As Max says, try to focus on all your satisfied customers instead of a (very) minority view.

Another day whizzed by - routine hospital appointment and bloods, chauffeur to my mum, then getting the conservatory cleared ready for a mega-clean tomorrow. Treating the chairs to some new throws too as they’re one of our cats favourite sleeping places!

New earrings today

(Thedotterypotter) #625

Oh no Carol @cariadcrafts11 - that is quite upsetting. You would have thought that they would have emailed you about the problem first.
You have that Magnum and enjoy it. Maybe you should leave it for tonight and then refund her tomorrow and just say something like “I’m so sorry that you were upset with the card that you received. Thank You for returning it, I have refunded x£ to your account” Just keep it simple and matter of fact.
There’s been many a time I’ve wanted to tell someone to “stick it” lol…but the business head always rules in these situations.
Like the others said - keep doing what you love doing and concentrate on the great feedback xxx

(Rachael H.) #626

Sorry to hear about your experience Carol @cariadcrafts11, some people just like being unkind and are just looking for a reaction, so the best thing to do is not rise to it - be polite and move on. Try not to let it get you down. I’ve just treated myself to a mini Magnum as I’ve had a cold the past couple of days and feeling sorry for myself - I don’t feel as guilty with a mini one!
Lovely embroidery @HeidiMeier
Good work @SashaGarrett, I managed to weed one small patch of garden yesterday and that wore me out!

Here’s mine for today, a re-list but with new photos - this piece is incredibly difficult to photograph!


(Natalie Ofkants) #627

So,sorry you have had this experience Carol! You know I love your cards, some people are just bad mannered and you can’t let them get you down. It’s not as though your cards are not fully photographed, surely they could see what they are purchas8ng and if not, you give a full description. As has already been said, some people are just out for the reaction, so don’t give it to them, fight their bad manners with good ones, being the bigger, better person is good for you and your well being.

I have had it to my face at craft events, when they discount my items being worth what I am asking for them, so I kindly relate how I have knitted or crocheted the said item, the hours it has taken, etc… or with the fossils, the hours spent locating, cleaning, polishing etc… or the hours spent polishing tumblestones, if they still do not like the item, at least they have an understanding of the time and effort that went into it. You have to value yourself, or no one will. XxxxxxX

(HeidiMeier) #628

Oh no, that is upsetting to hear Carol. I am never sure why a customer would return anything as examining a photograph before you buy is surely the best way to determine if something is suitable or not… @thedotterypotter has given a very professional answer and I would certainly keep it simple and matter of fact. Don’t be to disheartened, your cards are lovely and as has been said already, think of the other happy 594 customers… xxx

(HeidiMeier) #629

Got one sale to report @MaxPringJewellery and here’s a listing for today, of one of my recent ribbon embroidered cards

(Deborah Jones) #630

Sorry to hear about your return Carol. I think sometimes people are rude, thinking they need to make a scene to get a refund, where as -if they read the terms properly they would see they are entitled to change their minds and get a refund without fuss.
I have had a few items back, and usually just say “sorry it wasn’t suitable, I will issue a refund once it has been returned” I try to do it as quickly as possible and move on so As not to dwell on it.

(Brenda Cumming) #631

Ignore it and try to move on…refund if necessary and forget that it ever happened…I do this if things get lost in the post…otherwise it will eat you up. Your work is awesome…I have always admired it so take heart it isn;t YOU it is them !!
I usually send free mini paintings with any art purchases and I once had a woman telling me that she hated her FREE painting as it was awful…ha ha…she said she had put it in the bin…it upset me for a while but then I thought, ignore the idiot…there are sadly a few of them around.
Keep going…we all love you and your work…xxx

(Brenda Cumming) #632

faved to here x

(Sue) #633

Big hugs Carol, your work is amazing, the customer is being so unnecessarily rude. I do hope your feeling a lot better already xxx

(Verchielbeadsandjewellery) #634

Sorry to hear that one of your parchment cards has been returned. There are some funny people out there that seem to get enjoyment from simply complaining. As @thedotterypotter said - once you have had time reflect - drop her a line, keeping it neutral and brief. I used to find it much easier dealing with complaints when I was employed - when your self employed its very personal on our work and business. Often they come back and apologise when we don’t rise to their annoyance. Your work is beautiful - we all love it!

(Roz) #635

All this talk of Magnums … and I’ve got some in the freezer, but no I mustn’t!

Sorry to hear of the return and nasty comments Carol @cariadcrafts11, not sure why people feel they have to be rude. Take a deep breathe and carry on - your work is lovely.

Not achieved much today. I have managed to photograph my nativity but feel its still a little early in the year to be listing it even though some people buy for Christmas all year round. I might be brave!

(carolinefrodsham) #636

Sorry to hear that you have been upset like that Carol . Try not to let it get you down . As Sarah says just refund with a short polite message . Hopefully it won’t seem so bad in the morning . Just move on and keep making your lovely cards .

(Zoe Fowler) #637

Another re list for me

(Deborah Jones) #638

Not managed to list anything new today.
Can anyone tell me what these round stones are? The name has completely slipped my mind so I can’t list them.


(Patricia Smith) #639

So sorry to hear about your awkward customer, Carol. Some people are just ignorant and rude. Don’t rise to it, just issue a refund and move on. It’s her loss after all!

(Jayne) #640

Just sneaking in a quick relist:

I’ve got the doctors first thing tomorrow, not looking forward to it! I had a cyst on my side cut out about 3 years ago and since then it flares up every 3-6 months and now its turned into an abscess! Just hoping they decide to do something about it as numerous courses of antibiotics over the years doesn’t seem to be getting rid of it!!

Anyway, I’m off to catch up on loving and all your news,

Jayne x

(BeadifulByJill) #641


Here’s today’s listing