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Folksy 365 - Daily Listing Challenge Thread - NOVEMBER 2018

(Kim Onyskiw) #282

@TheChrisArtist Well done on the original sale! Bet you’re glad you tried listing them now.

Today’s listing for me is a little ginger cat that thinks he’s a tiger

(Max Pring) #283

Good morning yay happy dancing for your sales Chris and Rachael :slight_smile: :man_dancing: :dancer:

Gosh I’m tired this morning :tired_face: had a wake-sleep-wake-sleep-wake night, no particular reason just restless, so I expect I’ll be shattered by this evening, also have a full day in work I fear a lot of coffee will be consumed! :coffee:

(Lynn Britton) #284

Good morning all. Congrats all those with sales.
Got new kitchen cupboard doors arriving today, we thought we’d have a quick and relatively cheap kitchen makeover, unfortunately on Saturday the large oven of my cooker gave up the ghost, I still have the small top oven but that’s no where big enough to cook for more than two people let alone Christmas dinner, so looks like I’ll be getting a new cooker as well.
A new pair of mitts is my offering today

(Chris Stone) #285

Thanks @konyskiw. That was good advice. Love the cat btw.

(Helen Healey) #286

Getting in early today before heading off to the day job so that, when I get back this afternoon, I can concentrate on trying to get some of my WIP finished. All loved and pinned.

Re-listing another re-photographed Christmas heart decoration.

(Roz) #287

Good morning.

Max @MaxPringJewellery - very tempted by the earrings but after my boot purchase yesterday I think I had better hold off for a while!
This morning is dedicated to some tidying/packing and them maybe a bit of work on some Christmas items I am doing for a craft fair before I head off after lunch. Will be keeping the shop open as I will be back tomorrow evening, considerably poorer I expect - my daughter seems to have strange powers over my spending habits!
Just found some hanging birds that I had listed and not shared yet so it looks like it will be those for the next couple of days!

( Carol ) #288

Good morning everyone

(Natalie Ofkants) #289

Good morning everyone! Hope everyone has a good day!
My item for today is a relist, a crocheted structural trilby style hat, hopefully I may be able to get some photos done soon, as I have been crocheting up a storm, so have quite a few new pieces, just need to be home when there is enough light for photography!

Natalie x

(Sharon Halmshaw) #290

all caught up to here:)
Good morning everyone :slight_smile: crikey its a foggy one here today, I’m not sure if its the fireworks and bonfires that have done it or its just a normal foggy day :wink: I have lots of photos to take and lots of listing to do so I better crack on, Have a good day everyone :slight_smile: here is mine for today (if I can link it properly today) xxx

(JDParchmentCraftEmporium) #291

My 6th listing for 6 November

(Brenda Cumming) #292

well done to all those who had sales,
Well done @TheChrisArtist …there, I told you you would do well…and not just because your art is good but because you join in and have become a part of the Folksy family !
today I have another infinity scarf…this one has a touch of glitter to it.

(Sue) #293

Morning all,
So apart from a sale early on the 1st of November I have had nothing since! I think this happened the only other time I was at the top of the tally list too. I’m not worried, and to be honest my stock is quite low for me… but gone are the days of popping of to the post office almost everyday throughout November and half of December!
Today’s listing

I also noticed two of my baubles made it to the Folksy Christmas decorations list, its not all bad :grin:

(HeidiMeier) #294

Brilliant news - I am not surprised it is a gorgeous poppy!! :slight_smile:

(HeidiMeier) #295

Lovely autumn colours all around today. Taken a few early morning snaps to give me inspiration later on - got to crack on prepping for a workshop tomorrow. My listing for today is another one of my mini-monsters - have a good day all:

(junemccabe) #296

Good morning Folksy folk, a nice large rustic goblet for today’s listing, holds approx 250ml. Happy Days!xxx

(junemccabe) #297

Well done Chris!xx

(Thedotterypotter) #298

Good Morning everyone :slight_smile:

Congratulations on the sale of your original artwork Chris @TheChrisArtist

My listing today is:

(XStitcherJoss) #299

Woohoo @TheChrisArtist !
I’ve listed four more T-shirts this morning, of which this is one.

(junemccabe) #300

All caught up to here xxx

(LuckyBugHandmade) #301

Morning everyone, well done on all the sales so far.

I must get the garden finished today, so as soon as I’ve done this and finished my cuppa I need to get out there.

I made lots of new cards yesterday afternoon, but its very dark and dull here today so I don’t think I am going to get them photographed.

A re-list today of a traditional Santa Claus card which has 7 3D layers.