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Folksy 365 - Daily Listing Challenge Thread - OCTOBER 2018

(Gill Wootton) #1424

Good evening everyone it is very cold and windy here in my little corner of Somerset but thankfully no snow. Have caught up with you all again what busy people you all are. Read with interest about how easy it was to take money from contactless cards very worrying indeed I think I will have to invest in a protected purse or cardholder too. Always someone ready to take the easy option.
The Poppy Appeal has now been launched so I will share my crocheted Poppies, money from the sale of each goes to the RBL. Every year I still buy a paper one too from the poppy seller but wear my own handmade one.

(Claire Mead) #1425

Hi, here is my new listing for this evening. As it is oilcloth, I have added it to my sale - although brand new.

(HeidiMeier) #1426

Hello everyone and welcome @XStitcherJoss! Have been away for last four days and just caught up - that was a marathon session! Need to update the poppy pin board and once that’s up to date will be back to post a few items. :grin::grin:

(Ali Dufty) #1427

A wool blend, ripple design scarf from me …

I hope everyone has had a lovely weekend :slight_smile:

(junemccabe) #1428

*Not quite good morning, but nearly! Hope you all had a great weekend!
Here’s my new listing tonight.

(junemccabe) #1429

All caught up and loved to here xxx

(Natalie Ofkants) #1430

Good morning everyone! Back to work after my week off and covering for another nurse at the end of the week, so a full working week followed by a craft fair on the weekend, so a busy week to boot!

My item for today is a stunning blue green black Opal Cabochon from Lightening Ridge, Australia.

Natalie x

(Roz) #1431

Good morning - was wide awake at 5am, dont think my body has adjusted to the clocks changing yet. I expect I will be tired later!

Looking forward to an uninterrupted crafting day (now I’ve said that something will interrupt it!) but first a dog walk and a visit to the gym.

Some more hanging birds today

(Lynn Britton) #1432

Good morning folks. It’s dry here at the moment but there are some dark clouds gathering.
Welcome Joss @XStitcherJoss. Sue @BeadstormJewellery the butternut squash and ginger soup sounds yummy.
Congratulations to all those with sales.
A relist from me

(Suzzie Godfrey) #1433

Well I did manage to finish my new hottie last night, so will sew it up today and make the flower, and so it’s a relist again from me, sorry.
Just checking the weather, have all the bedding to washing now all my visitors have gone, and would dearly love a dry spell to get it on the line…but I don’t think I’ll be lucky. May have to do some allotmenteering instead!!
What does Monday have in store for you all?

(Deborah Jones) #1434

Morning all, frosty and sunny here this morning.
Have had a week of lazy starts over half term, back to the 6am starts now. Yawn.

(Brenda Cumming) #1435

good morning all…another painting from me today…

(Sarah Bell) #1436

Morning all. Just checking in. Didn’t make it yesterday as it’s the start if half term and littlest is poorly, and the boys aren’t doing well with the break in routine. Eldest tried to make a break for it last night, but he just wanted to be outside. Had to call the police about next door the night before, so all in all a bit stressed. :joy:

Liked and pinned everyone to here, and will be back with a listing when the conservatory has warmed a bit.

Welcome @XStitcherJoss :blush:

@DeborahJonesJewellery that’s a bit disturbing! The contactless PDQs at work, won’t function unless there is only one card close to the terminal. We get a present one card error message.

Glad you had a good time @carolinefrodsham

Wow @MaxPringJewellery congrats on your sales lovely!

Ok, be back later x

(JDParchmentCraftEmporium) #1437

My 29th listing for 29 October

(Sue) #1438

Morning all, bright and sunny but with a heavy frost on the ground here today.
The weekends fair was outstanding, although the Sunday was quieter. There was lots of chatting with interesting people, the fair itself is lovely, with excellent trade stands, exhibitions and workshops, plenty of space and free car parking, it’s like a mini knitting and stitching show. I took the details of 4 or 5 groups interested in me giving workshops and individuals too. And a couple of leads into more reasonably priced rooms, so we’ll see where this takes me. Groups usually work a year ahead of themselves so it may be a while before I hear back from them. Oh, I spent a bit of money replenishing my stocks too :blush: and I bought an exquisite piece of work from another exhibitor, now, do I keep it or gift it?
Well, that’s it for shows this year, and I’ve reopened my shop, but now there’s plenty of new stock that needs making up! Which is good.
Today’s listing

I’ll go and catch up with all your news now, I managed to do the liking on Saturday night, so it’s not quite as daunting…

(Claire Mort) #1439

Mooooorning… beautiful day here… fffffrrrreeeeezing but the sun is gorgeous… feeling a bit refreshed after my duvet day x all loved to here xxx fabulous work everyone … hmmm contactless… thats where all my money has gone… ?
anyhoo listing for me… viva women getting the vote… x

(junemccabe) #1440

Good morning Folksy folk, today I am listing a new fruit bowl for all you wildlife enthusiasts!


(HeidiMeier) #1441

Finally caught up with the poppies Pinterest board and this too - whooo hooo. Now here’s a couple from me and I’ll be back with a few more to catch up for the days I missed later if that’s okay. Note to self - when away on holiday, never let four days worth of listings favouriting pile up :joy::joy:

(carolinefrodsham) #1442

A cold and frosty good morning all .
Glad you enjoyed your fair Sue @SueTrevor The leads for workshops sound really good . It’s always good to tap into networks and talk to fellow , like-minded makers . :tada: Your stand certainly looked gorgeous (on Instagram)
Hope your half term week improves Sarah @SarahDesignsUK So difficult when routine is broken , when it is so important for the boys . Hope the little one gets better soon and you can all do something together. Take care x
OH has organised a friend of his to give me a massage this morning (he is qualified!) Though I am feeling nervous about it . So that isn’t going to help !
Maybe I will be a new woman after that :slightly_smiling_face:
Have a good day everyone .

(XStitcherJoss) #1443

Good morning again everyone - and thank you for all the likes for my pink fairy T-shirt! I’m still learning how to do this properly (and driving @thatenamelguy crazy in the process). This is one of the two items I listed this morning.