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Folksy 365 - Daily Listing Challenge Thread - SEPTEMBER 2017

(Roz) #423

Good afternoon. Was up very early this morning (4:30am) to go to Kempton Park for the antiques fair/flea market there. Had a fabulous time with lovely sunny weather - lots of things I would buy if I had the cash but was very good and only came away with some fabric to make some cushions and a couple of scarf rings to use as props on my scarves. What I really want is an armchair and a cupboard for my bathroom but I wouldn’t have been able to transport them even if I had found what I was looking for so good job I didn’t really!

Not sure what is on the agenda this afternoon but I might try and get some more scarves photographed.

For now, here is another fairy

(Sasha Garrett) #424

There’s a snail trying to break into my work room - either my plants look tasty or its fed up of getting wet.

(Maureen Brazier) #425

Horses galloping in today. Congrats to those with sales - I have been 7 sales short of the 100 sales mark for the last three months - seems like pie in the sky at the moment but would be lovely to get there.

(Sasha Garrett) #426

The snail has been sent back to where it belongs - if the hedgehog is quick it gets a slightly dazed meal - it was distracting me clinging to the middle of the window. Managed to get photos done when we had the bright sunshine earlier…

(Karen Ellam) #427

Ohhhhh Sasha @SashaGarrett those cufflinks are absolute beauties x

Have a lovely break Sue @suebeacham x

Love your rooster Judith @JudithLogan x

I’ve finally got a new listing. :blush:

Karen x

(sandranesbitt) #428

still on a gloves theme and using up some of my chunky wool stash

(Barbara Byrom) #429

Something suitable autumnal today!

(PollysWares138) #430

Hi @suebeacham have a well earned relaxing break and come back refreshed and raring to go. xxx

(Cariad Crafts) #431


Gone very chilly now after an April showers kind of day

Enjoy your holiday Sue @suebeacham, sounds like you really deserve one after the bout of shingles

A relist I’m afraid

Carol xx

(Sarah Bell) #432

Hi all!
Thanks @thedotterypotter I’m sure they’ll get in touch if there were any issues. Still miss him loads though!
Have a fab time and recharge your batteries @suebeacham
That pumpkin is so sweet @karenscraftybitz !

Here’s me for today!



It looks like I am obsessed with bracelets at the moment, so another one from me today:

(Maxine Veronica) #434

Good morning, enjoy your break Sue @suebeacham.

(Suzzie Godfrey) #435

This is my new design, I am really pleased with it, in fact I love it!!

(Roz) #436

Good morning. Bit of a wild night but seems to have calmed down a bit now.

My listing for today

(Wendy Morris) #437

Some new socks added in time for winter…

(Sue Beacham) #438

Lovely socks,great colour


(Brenda Cumming) #439

today I have a purple glitter infinity scarf…is there any better colour?
morning all…

(Sue Beacham) #440

Morning Max, I’m in a character cottage in the Eden valley Up north next door to Cumbria and Yorkshire Dales, I’m having a bacon butty and a cuppa taking time to promote you all, I love your work Max, unique and interesting, the sun is shinning at the mo but it will rain, hubby and I don’t mind we are vegging out relaxing and making the most of the cottage.

Happy sales


(Sue Beacham) #441

Pretty scarf Brenda, someone will sure to snap that up for our Autumn winter wear


(Sasha Garrett) #442

Morning All,
currently trying to decide if I want to take my own mat with me to pilates or not - its a bit like cycling round with a sail on my back, fine if its a tail wind not so great the rest of the time. I raided the fordite stash and made this pendant to replace the one I sold earlier in the month