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Folksy 365 - Daily Listing Challenge Thread - SEPTEMBER 2017

(Beaniehats) #463

Knitted this last night for a buyer so thought I would list it here.

(sandranesbitt) #464

(Deborah Jones) #465

Hi @beaniehats you mention a colour choice in a DROWN menu ?- presumably “drop down” but we don’t have those on Folksy either :grimacing:

(Beaniehats) #466

Thanks for lettting me know. I wish they did have it as it would be so useful to me.

(Sharon Thompson) #467

Hi karen
I love your book paper clip! I’ve put it on my blog & on my Facebook since I do “booky” things - hope that’s okay. You see them here if would like to:

(Thecardjeanie) #468

Hi all,

Sorry I haven’t been around for a while. I’ve been in Ireland for a wedding and then family catchup time.

Max @paperchainsandbeads I have two sales to add to the tally please.

Here’s a relist from me until I get myself organised.


(Barbara Byrom) #469

A lovely new ruffle scarf today - perfect for the kind of weather we are getting at the moment.

(Deborah Jones) #470

Can I add one to the tally please Max @paperchainsandbeads

(Thedotterypotter) #471

Sue @SueTrevor - I’ve got a framed set of tiles in my shop at the moment. I’ve shipped one before and it arrived OK. I took out the glass, put a layer of bubble wrap on top of the tiles, put the glass back on then wrapped it in masses of bubble wrap - then in a box.

My listing today are some Wedding hearts:

1 sale to add to the tally this afternoon please Max @paperchainsandbeads x

I will love and pin throughout the evening - I’ve got a lot of listings to catch up on today!

(Sue) #472

Thanks @thedotterypotter I may try and sell them after, although my other half has said it would be nice to see them up in the house! So I may just store them on the walls until my fairs.

( Carol ) #473

I’ve had another sale over on the other side today. That’s 3 this month and today’s was one of my higher priced adult knits. Still tumbleweed here. I don’t really want to leave when my plus account expires next month but it’s not looking good here :disappointed:

(Sarah Bell) #474

Another decoration for me!

My customers have been having payment problems, but it seems ok when I send them a paypal me link :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

(Cariad Crafts) #475


What an odd day. Think April has returned lol

Huge gusts woke me in the night, very scary but amazingly this morning, not a lot of debris round at all.

Here is a relist from me

Carol xx

(Karen Ellam) #476

Hi Sharon @booktides

Thank you for sharing my book Paperclip on your Facebook page & blog. :blush:

I’m hoping to make some more in different colours & finishes soon.

Karen x

(Maxine Veronica) #477

Good evening yay happy dancing for sales peeps :man_dancing: :dancer:

Enjoy every minute Sue @suebeacham

Sue @SueTrevor I have only posted a few framed with glass, like Sarah I put loads and loads of bubble wrap and used two boxes with bubble wrap in between

I’m not havingmuch luck here either Carol @Knittingtopia but it’s been busy pver t’other side and on Eb**, I wish I knew what the secret was!

welcome back Francis @thatenamelguy glad you had a good time

Di @AdienCrafts hope your poochie is better soon hon

Sasha @SashaGarrett that is a stunning piece of Fordite, love the colours


A change from bracelets today and here is a pink necklace:

(Maxine Veronica) #479

Good morning, got an early start today meeting starts at 8 so I’m up and at em already :slight_smile: also drinking high grade coffee, our fridge freezer has packed up so we have no milk so my usual cuppa has given way to a coffee machine special, I’ll be jittery by lunchtime I expect lol!

(Suzzie Godfrey) #480

Today is a hottie for a teenager, wouldn’t want to leave them out!!

( Carol ) #481

Good morning Max.

I don’t know what the secret is. I used to do quite well on here and often just left my other shop empty. When things started drying up here, I started concentrating more on the other side and was getting more sales with less effort. As you know, I’ve taken a few extended breaks from here due to it being quiet but I’ve always come back because I love Folksy. All my networking is leading to folksy and yet my sales are still coming from the other side. I think we may have to part company for good when my plus account is up in October. Really, I may as well start moving my promotion now rather than waste another month here :cry:

(Kennelcraft) #482