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Folksy 365 - Daily Listing Challenge Thread - September 2021

Thank you for letting me know Marion. At least it was undamaged. Pretty tough little purse and pleased you are happy with it.

My back is better thank you just very stiff first thing, the bones creak when I first get out of bed, some of that is down to old age, lol!


Sue @SueTrevor all the advice given already is perfect, so I won’t add to it, but I will say I’ve loved everything I’ve ever had from you! Your work is unique and some people are never happy and can’t be pleased whatever you do!

Work today was awful! Not horrible patients, just too many of them and not enough time! I did get to eat my lunch, in the 10 min break I had!!! And was the last person out of the door, securing the building and setting the alarms at 6pm. I am supposed to leave at 5.30. This week has been mad! Glad I am not in work for the rest of the week. I was going to offer to go in on Friday to do paperwork, I’ve decided against it!

I’ve been reporting regularly on these dodgy shops! Glad to see some have gone today, but still some to go. Hopefully they’ll be gone soon.
I spoke to my knowledgeable son about the pokemon card one, he said, yep a fake, all they’ve done is photocopy the card, so basically they are selling copies of an expensive or rare card. I think I might take a photocopy of a painting, maybe a Rembrandt or Monet and sell those. Lol!

Hope everyone has a lovely evening! Have loved to here.

Natalie x


Lots of dodgy shops around. It’s a full time jobs reporting them.


ha ha Natalie… @NOfkantsCurios …you are welcome to photo one of my paintings and sell it as by a classical artist…(I can dream…lol)
All faved to here


Thanks for all your positive comments today, I really needed them. I’m sorry some of you have had negative feed back too.
Natalie @NOfkantsCurios no wonder people collapse at your work place, 10 minutes for lunch!


Just realised I had not posted anything today. I thought I had been on earlier, must be old age forgetfulness!
I have been fence painting this afternoon, not a pleasant job but it does look much better. Still some more to do though.
I managed to rake some photos of a jumper but not had time to sort them for a new listing. Maybe tomorrow.
Sue @SueTrevor your work is beautiful so don’t be disheartened about a poor review. Some people don’t appreciate the work that goes into hand crafted items.


Omg that was mammoth all caught up now tho. :purple_heart::green_heart::purple_heart:

Apologies I don’t tag everyone who offered congratulatins for the charity fair success.
I am utterly shattered, between markets, packing orders, biz training & homework, commissions, prepping for more markets, and discovering an application I thought unsuccessful, was successful, so now got 2 online markets on the same weekend… :scream::scream: And the other night I’d gone into creative trance and completely lost track of time, so it was after quart to 4am when I went to bed, then up early for zoom biz training. :sleeping::sleeping::sleeping::sleeping::sleeping::sleeping::sleeping:

I am loving it tho, the pinterest training is really good and giving me loads of ideas. I also had other biz training with the Indie rollers, which was also fantastic. I was buzzing till about half 7 then energy drained and slouching in me chair beckoned - thank goodness my studio is in the house!

Sue, I read reviews before buying normally and my pet peeve is low scoring without explaining why - so I discount those, especially if a seller normally has consistently high scoring reviews and happy customers praising the wares etc.

I shan’t list, it’s late and it would be a relust anyway…

Night lovelies.


Apologies that I haven’t been posting for a few days (more like a week :crazy_face:). I have had a couple of mammoth sessions loving all the makes. Also loved the dog, cat, kitchen pictures - here’s hoping my renovated kitchen will be finished this side of Christmas.
Well done everyone with sales & good luck to anyone having a fair coming up.
Thanks for for all your well wishes for my mum. She is in a home and has dementia. It seems she has deteriorated this last week. I’m due to go on holiday on Sunday & have seriously thought about cancelling, but Dad is insistent that I still go. When does life get easy :thinking:.
Struggling for time & motivation, so a relist for me.


Hope everything works out ok with your mum and your holiday @RuthSmithJewellery.

Best wishes and well done to everyone doing craft fairs.

Wishing everyone with health issues well and hope you’re on the mend soon. Physio didn’t want to do another injection right now, so just need to do exercises, don’t need to rest and she said I could do some light sawing and hammering - yay! (didn’t tell her I’d been doing that anyway). Need to go for an Xray, a pain and a bit pointless as really don’t think there’s any injury other than tendons - I’ll welcome a backlog delay.

Was just thinking a benefit of bad weather and nights drawing in is more time to craft… then I remembered I said the same thing about the light nights coming in - there’s never enough time and I need some dynamite under me :rofl:

Here’s a new one from the other day…

. image


Good morning all, a nice quiet meeting free day today so I can catch up with all my admin today ahead of a nice long weekend :slight_smile: I’m in the office tomorrow for a team meeting in person so we can have real coffee and biscuits instead of virtual ones lol! and a catch up which will be nice.

Glad to hear your back is on the mend Caroline @Caroleecrafts. Hope everything works out okay for you Ruth @RuthSmithJewellery and good luck with the fairs Jacq @Bythecrookofmyhook

Another re-list sale item, only until the end of this week when I have had a chance to do some new photo’s and a stock take



Morning all.

Lovely creations as always. We are a creative bunch, these rogue shops are just jealous if are abilities!

Halloween today a pretty pink pumpkin brooch/pin.

Pink pumpkin pin


Forgot can you add another sale for me please Max @MaxPringJewellery


Morning all. Cool here this morning but the skies are clearing.
Loving the green man vase Marion @WestcountryCreations.
Ruth @RuthSmithJewellery hope you manage to take your holiday, take care.
Gorgeous goodies everyone all have been viewed and loved with lots of random pinning.
A sale item from me today


Morning everyone

Today’s listing



Good morning everyone! Daughter and I are off to get our eyes tested today, couldn’t book an appointment our town for months, so have booked in a larger shop in Basingstoke, so will stop and have lunch too, make a little outing of it.

It’s the last day of my 25% off sale today.
Today I have this pretty marbled agate gemstone keyring or handbag charm.

And have returned this long knitted Lacy wrap or shawl in autumn tones.

Natalie x


Good morning all :slight_smile: the sun is shining again this morning but it is a tad chilly perfect weather for ear warmers soon I hope :wink: Here is another one for today :slight_smile:
Have a great day all :slight_smile: xxx

Rainbow ear warmer


Just realized that when I came on last night, the mammoth long list of postings was because I had completely forgot to post anything yesterday! Sorry everyone. Still adding my hotties, here’s today



@feelfeltfound hope the shoulder is improving more today. I’m glad gentle movement has been recommended and we won’t tell. So long as you feed us cake :cupcake:
Ruth @RuthSmithJewellery listen to your dad. If he says it’s ok to go on holiday, then it IS ok. You need a break to clear the head and just chill.
Hugs to everyone :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I’ll be back later with a listing (probably a relist, but I have no shame)


I’m back with my cheeky little relist.

Have a good day, all :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


good morning all…hope everyone is well…
today I am showing one of my favourite paintings…so it is a rare relist for me…even though I have plenty to list…I am sharing this one as I have tagged it on theme of the day
original art watercolour landscape painting ( r... - Folksy