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Folksy 365! NOVEMBER 2019 Daily Listing Challenge Thread! Please see the first post for joining info!

Can you add a sale for me please Natalie @NOfkantsCurios


Wool blend , chunky , slouch beanie ‘Aqua Pearl’ from me today …


Well done Valerie @jenniesgems and Helen @PocketfulCreations on your sales! Happy dancing for you both.

Natalie x


It was my Dad who used to talk of sailors’ pants. His father was Cornish, his mother was Russian, and Dad was brought up in London. I think the expression is, as Cat @BabanCat says, probably generational. Also I think the expression is very old, and relates to sailors’ pants from a very long time ago. Francis (@thatenamelguy) says his father used to say ‘enough blue for a pair of Dutchman’s trousers’. He was from Essex. I used the expression without thinking, so it was a nice surprise to have all this reaction on this thread!


All caught up Thankyou for your patience, loved and pinned to ‘Folksy Cool Things For You’


Sorry I missed yesterday, I actually fell asleep pining to Pinterest :joy:

Thinking about you @junemccabe xx

Congrats on the sales, especially @PollysWares :heart:

Just a relist from me, waiting to varnish and photo new things :blush:

Liked and pinned to here x


@OrchardFelts Congratulations on hitting 400!

A new ratty Christmas card for me today:


Good morning.
Off to the day job today - not really feeling it as its cold and dark but I suppose I have no choice. I’m sure a brisk dog walk will get me going!
Amazingly I have managed to line up a few new listings to share with you this week. This one was one of the half finished projects I had had lying around for ages that I finally got finished last week :slight_smile:


Bad news about your car problems Chris @TheChrisArtist but very well done for getting back into the best sellers list again :smiley:


Welcome to the thread @GlassnCards ! Loving your multi-coloured pendant! :smiley:


You certainly have pushed the boundaries Andy @KelandyDesigns ! Stunning piece! :smile:


Morning all from a very cold Manchester! All caught up to here

Loving all the animals today great fox @OrchardFelts, rats @konyskiw and more foxes @SarahDesignsUK

Here’s my listings today … thought I would add to the fox theme! The original was sold at a local fair but here are some prints and a bracelet too!

Have a good day all


Enjoy your break away Dee @OrukiDesign :smile:


I hope you’re feeling better now Latona @BeautifulFabricBags :slight_smile:


Good morning everyone! I will still be here to carry on the thread and will leave my shop open, but hubby and I are going on another little fossil hunting expedition. Just for a couple of nights. Both my children, 21 and 19 are here to house sit, so all will be safe to say I am going away, but as it’s only a couple of nights, decided not to close my shop, I will still have time to post when I get back if anything sells.
Forgive me if I am only able to fully check out the thread and happy dance for your sales until the evenings.

Fingers crossed for some amazing fossil finds!

My item for today, a chunky crocheted basket, craft bag or eco shopping bag.

Natalie x


I hope the flooding isn’t affecting you too much Andy @KelandyDesigns
Is anyone else having the same issues? We have had some localised flooding in Burton-on-Trent over the last few months and more recently in particular, but luckily I live near the top of a hill and have been able to get access into the town area still :slight_smile:


Enjoy your trip to London @Verchielbeadsandjewellery I do understand the anxiety issues, with regard to travelling in particular, but you are making brilliant progress to organise the trip in the first place. :smile:


Morning all, hope you had a great weekend, Sunday was glorious and we enjoyed a 3 hour walk in the Mendips with the dogs and friends and then a delicious roast dinner, and then a visit to my mum on the way home. A busy day and a day off from social media!

Please can you add 6 more sales.

opened and loved up to here… have a good Monday all.

A re-list of this pair of long-tailed tits today.


Morning all, missed posting yesterday as got caught up in loving and pinning all the beautiful makes then forgot to post one of my own, oops put it down to old age, lol.

A relist today


Good morning all. Crikey its a chilly one this morning and I need to nip to the post office, I better get my thermals on :wink: Back to a relist this morning a cute purple dinosaur hat for children :slight_smile: have a lovely day all with loads of sales :slight_smile: xxx