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#FolksyHour on Twitter

Ohhh I do love a good twitter :smiley:
I will be there.
I will pop a tweet on now to remind folks too :smile:


Sorry can’t make it tonight , being taken out to dinner! However have tweeted about it. Love the topic. I had a handmade childhood, my mum, sadly no longer with us, made all my clothes and I had all the scraps. Best ever Christmas present was a sewing box which my father made and my mother covered in fabric and filled with all manner of sewing things.
Will read the tweets when I get home as I think it’ll be a great hour. Still using scraps!


Remember it’s #FolksyHour 8pm tonight. CU later!

Missed it! Had a tech problem…sorry. Will do a search for #FolksyHour today and try to catch up on the activity.

I was only on there for a little bit; husband was getting stuff ready to go away on business (again! why is it always a tues night?!!) so had to stop socialising and sort stuff out. Always an enjoyable time though even if it was only about 10mins for me :slight_smile:

Don’t forget #FolksyHour tonight 8-9pm!

Last week’s theme was creativity and we were fascinated by your experiences of craft in education, so we’re going to carry on the discussion tonight.

If you missed last week, you can catch up here:


Looking forward to being part of this week’s twitter hour. Love a good crafty chat.

Sadly, I will not be able to join you tonight but hope to be back again next week.

For those who can join us, this is your 10 minute warning! Get the kettle on :slight_smile:
:cookie: :coffee:

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Tomorrow’s #FolksyHour promises to be a goodie.

We’ve enlisted three brilliant photographers Yeshen Venema @Yeshen, Holly Booth @hollyphotobooth & Kerrie Mitchell @Styledproduct to solve your product shot problems. They’ll be on hand throughout #FolksyHour (so this Tuesday 17th March between 8-9pm) to answer your questions and crit your Folksy shops and shots.

So if you have any specific questions you want them to answer or product shots you want them to review, get your links and images ready and don’t forget to include the hashtag #FolksyHour in your tweets, or they won’t be able to see them.

See you then!

Today’s Folksy Hour was very useful. It was nice to get some good feedback but there are so many other things I can also do to help improve my pics, especially for the larger textile originals. Have plenty of ideas, now need a bit of sun and decent light and I can get cracking!!

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Missed it!!!
Had an order to complete…

I’m so pleased so many people took part in last night’s #FolksyHour - I hope it was really useful for everyone who took part, and if you couldn’t make it I’ll be writing up the product photography advice in a blog post.

What I’d really like to know now is your suggestions for future themes and topics. Would you like to continue having particular topics, possibly with guests experts to share their advice, or would you like to leave it more free sometimes so you can just talk and meet other sellers?

If you’d like some more themed #FolksyHours, what topics would you like to cover? If you could let me know your ideas - and the things you’d most like help with - it would be really useful.


I think a mix of both to be honest. Having a few Qs to ask like “whats your favourite item in your shop?”, “what top tip would you give to new businesses?”, “Recommend a craft fair” or things like that, which you’ve done a couple of times. I thought that worked quite well as gave a good mix of being able to interact with others as well as showcase items.

Last nights was pretty good, but felt I couldn’t interact much with other sellers like I had done before.

Was the hashtag #FolksyHour still trending last night? Was it better or worse from other #FolksyHour evenings?

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I think a mix would be good too. I interacted a little with the other sellers but I was focussed mainly on the three guest experts because there were a few questions I wanted to ask, and then I was reading the tips and advice given to the others too, and it all went by very fast. I got a lot out of it, and I have made a batch of new cards and so was photographing them today. I think I will stay with the ‘style’ I’ve now developed for my cards but will certainly rethink and refresh the photography for my pictures. I especially want to follow up on the ‘tell a story through your photos’ tip.

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Sadly my daughter decided last night was the night to go swimming so missed it - have just been over and had a read through of some of the posts but it is quite difficult to follow so I’m looking forward to the blog post.

I agree with the others @Folksycontent a mix is definitely best. Perhaps have a guest monthly with a big theme and the other weeks smaller topics as @BigBirdLittleBird suggested so we have a chance to showcase and interact.
In order to show people what Folksy is all about and what wonderful things they can find there we need weeks to show off everyones work and meet each other.
I am loving the #folksyhour


Sadly missed FolksyHour this week, so really looking forward to the blog post. :slight_smile:

Yes I think a monthly ask the experts slot will be really useful, keeping the rest of them as a chance to showcase our shops and interact with each other.

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I love the idea of a monthly guest spot @AnitaRoseDesigns and @StephanieGuy.
Weirdly, I’ve only ever seen the hashtag trending on the second week @BigBirdLittleBird but we had more interaction and our tweets were seen by more people than ever in this Tuesday’s #FolksyHour. I think it might be because people forget to use the hashtag in their replies.

I know Blogtactular does a similar chat (it’s on Wednesdays at 9pm if you want to join in - it’s really good) and they have a set of official guidelines for taking part. Maybe it would be useful to have something like that?

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