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For those who have featured in a publication

A lady called Tracey Samuel posted on facebook how you can be breaching copyright if you share pics of magazine features even if they are about you! You can read about it in full on her facebook page link below and I have shared it to the folksy clubhouse page


Interesting and a little worrying, thanks for sharing Zoe.

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Thank you for this, I found it on folksy forum. What makes me angry about all of this is that the NLA are only targeting small business. They will never target a corporate business who have probably shared countless articles and have breach this so called copyright law…simply because a corporate company is armed up to the teeth with lawyers and plenty of money to fight such an establishment. And come away like nothing had happened. A small business is easy pray for the NLA. It’s easier to pick on the little person. I call this business bullying. Come on people - lets call it for what it really is…sheer greed. They don’t care who they trample and crush as long as they get their cut of money …and its not as if these publishing companies and news papers are in dire need of such money. These people make me sick and should be brought down. Greed will be the end of our planet and its almost there now :rage: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :rage:

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I was asked to do a step by step of a bracelet for Take a break, crafting one, can’t remember what it’s called now? But the legality of it all, I started reading it and and that I wouldn’t be able to make anymore as it would be there’s and not mine, wasn’t worth the hassle. Not worth it for the little they give you

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