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Free listings/promotion of your gifts - Giftshuffle

(Mysteryentry) #1

Hi all, my name is Oliver, I run a website called which is a new way to search for gift ideas, It’s not for selling through the site, gift ideas are pulled from multiple sites across the web and displayed in a “suggestion tool” based on the interests that users suggest.

I am currently looking to develop relationships with more independent sellers and am looking to list your gifts on the site for free, as well as free promotion on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter.

If you’re interested send me a PM, all I ask in return is that you let your friends/followers know about Giftshuffle in some way.

UPDATE - I noticed a few people managed to find their way to the “add your own” page, so I thought I may as well place the link here if you would like to help yourself:

Any questions please let me know, please note any submissions must first be moderated before they are added to the site.

Thank you

(Mysteryentry) #2

Thanks to those who have contacted me so far, looking forward to promoting your gifts for you :slight_smile:

(Mysteryentry) #3

Just a note to say I have updated the OP with a link to adding your own gifts.
Thank you!

(Suzanne Francis) #4

thanks for uploading some of mine :smile:

(Mysteryentry) #5

No problem, really like your pieces!

(Mysteryentry) #6

If anyone else is interested in this, i am still offering!
Enjoying seeing all of the lovely items you all put your hard work into.