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Free to as many good homes that will take them

I have literally thousands of plastic buckles, in many different colours, along with hundreds of metal buckles. I would like to get rid of them, but dont want them to go into landfill. If anyone would like them, some of them, a few of them I would be happy to send them to you for just the postage. I have taken bags full to the local charity / knitting shop and can not think of anywhere else to get rid of them. I have had them listed under but not really sold many.
If you would like some please will you pm me and I will send them just for the price of the postage.

Sorry if this post sounds like I am begging but I really don’t know what else to do with them

Thank you so much for reading


Do you have a scrap store near you at all Rachel?
I’m sure that they would love them.

Here’s a list with some of them.

Yes, SAMS the scrap arts material store - they took a few thousand. I will message them and see if they want any more - thank you for that Helen. :smiley:

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Hi Rachel, I would love to take some off your hands… I would prefer the neutral colours, black, grey, brown, cream kind of thing. I can also use some metal ones too.

Shall I just order using your listing link to keep the admin simple? You’ll get my address etc through, and you can then put as many as you like in a box.

Not a prob. I’m sure that they’d want loads more. They will be great for craft projects :smile:

Thank you so much for your reply @rosesworkshop, and yes please if you order through the link and I will happily fill a box with a neutral mixture and some metal ones. I have also reduced the listing to 20p (I dont think we can list a lower price) Thank you Rachel

These are the metal ones too