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Funniest film

I love chick flicks and funny films.
What’s your funniest film.
I’m looking for suggestions.

A Knights Tale

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Can’t beat a bit of Pixar for a giggle - the incredibles/ wall-e/ up.

The Bird Cage with Robin Williams and Nathan Lane.


Yes, a good film, but I prefer the original French version, La Cage aux Folles.

Not seen that version Chris, but Gene Hackman in drag was something to behold… :smiley:

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Although they are incredibly silly, I still howl at “Airplane” and the “Naked Gun” films.


… and I have an incredibly soft spot for “Bridesmaids”.


Recently, I’ve loved “The Favourite”, although it was quite tragic too, poor Queen Anne with her gout… Watched the same director’s earlier film last night “The Killing of a Sacred Deer”. Most miserable film ever! :slight_smile:


I love Bridesmaids too! :slightly_smiling_face: And Pitch Perfect…

Hi ya, A bit different but I enjoyed deadpool & deadpool 2! If you want something a bit more PC the Hotel Transylvania movies are good!

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I didn’t know it was a comedy, will keep a look out for it. :grin:

Ah yes, some we still got.

Another I didn’t realise was funny. Thanks.

Oh yes! Hilarious!

It is out on dvd yet?

Not seen pitch perfect.

Hubby likes Deadpool. Not sure it’s my thing. Will look out for Hotel Transylvania.

I think it should be out on DVD…

Will have a look. :grin: