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General chit chat thread


Oooh thank you, that may be worth a look!!

(Suzzie Godfrey) #182

I forgot about potential vet bills. Another log it will have to be!! xx

(Thedotterypotter) #183

Also, if you got an extra cat, it probably wouldn’t sit on your lap and keep you warm anyway…like my two won’t! I do encourage the dog come and sit on my feet sometimes though!

Talking of how expensive logs are…a new family moved into our street a while back and we started noticing an awful smell…I would describe it as Victorian London…lol! We then realised that it was the stench coming from the new families chimney…accompanied by plumes of grey smoke. We wondered what on earth they could be burning for a smell like that. The mystery was solved quite quickly when we saw the guy walk past our house with almost a whole tree slung over his shoulder on the way back from the copse at the end of the path. He seems to be gathering old felled trees that have probably been on the ground for ages and burning them without drying them out. It;s awful, even the cats come in and they stink of smoke! It seems to be his life’s mission to gather this old wood on a daily basis…I sometimes imagine him as a caveman! At first I was impressed with his ingenuity but the continual stench has just makes me wish he would buy some kiln dried logs! He got himself a petrol driven chainsaw recently but thank goodness that seems to have broken as every time he would start it up, it sounded like posse of Hells Angels out in the garden!

(Suzzie Godfrey) #184

Just a photo of our 9WEdward, our new name for our cat, who sits by my side every evening. As soon as I get my knitting needles out he’s here!! Sometimes he is too hot!!
We live right by the sea, and often gather coal that has been washed up, but wet wood is a no no. Everything you burn has a different smell, and some are far more charming than others.
Kiln dried logs burn so much more efficiently, so you do get your money’s worth.
… another logs calls, have a lovely evening everyone xx

(Tina Martin) #185

Yes, full sun in the conservatory is just too strong isn’t it and I too think that late morning is the best for pics. :slight_smile:

(Marg) #186

Oh what a lovely cat, he’s far more interesting than another log for the fire, I love his colouring. We used to have a white cat come through our garden, but his tail was ginger tabby, as if he had the wrong tail, he’s now moved away, we now have a black cat with white socks coming through our garden. I love cats, we have six cats living across from us, (5 at one house 1 at another) we love to watch their antics, and there is definitely a “pecking” order with them all.


Ha ha sorry thought was so funny, my OH has got a variety of chainsaws but we do live in the country and everybody around here have log burners!!! We have a few chunks of tree on the outside pile, hope they won’t get pinched. He does dry them off for a year and then they are stored in an open shed. Kiln dried ones do stop the clinker building up.The chap opposite’s son is a forester so they have an abundance of wood!
The old trunks got dropped off by a friend, guess my Hells Angel will be out with the chain saw again next week!!!

(Thedotterypotter) #188

I guess you are used to it in the countryside but I live on a (fairly quiet), suburban housing estate…lol! The most noise I normally hear is “little loudmouth” (that’s the nickname we’ve given her, she’s a tiny, tiny woman with very big lungs!) shouting blue murder at her two kids!
The new people up the road are also very loud though…when he’s in the garden (chopping up his logs!) she shouts to him from the back doorstep at the top of her voice and he shouts back at the top of his…then the dog joins in! He’s from Manchester and seems to think we need to know that fact by singing Oasis and The Stone Roses medleys on repeat in the garden at full volume! I used to enjoy peace and quiet in my little studio! They have got a cute cat though…

(Thedotterypotter) #189

What a cutie :heartpulse::smiley_cat:


He is lovely, I always had a ginger cat in the house for the 43 years (4 of them)!!
Now we have an 8yr old tinker who was rescued by a dog warden with a kitten (they had to be split up) and she has learned how to play and hunt unfortunately!!! Yes we have presents bought in!!! We have had to teach her not to bit us, one year on we are getting there with her. My OH does pop her on my lap every night! …I do miss a ginger cat!!!



Aww Sarah sounds horrendous!!!
My hubby was born here, he will be in for a shock when we have to move.
I use to live in the suburbs so I know the mix of people you get!!
Kidnap the cat!!!

(Thedotterypotter) #192

Morning everyone :slight_smile:

What are you up to this Weekend? Anything nice?

I’ve got to so a little bit of cleaning up and wash lots of dishes as I couldn’t be bothered last night. I may also have to do the weekly food shop but I actually can’t be bothered to do that either…lol!

I’ve got a few pieces of work that need ribboning up and then packaging but what I would really like to do this Weekend is a little bit of throwing! I haven’t been on my wheel for months and months and I’ve just got the urge!

(Dosrodgerspottery) #193

We’re looking forward to an evening in together tonight. We haven’t actually seen each other for a week although we did pass each other on the M5 yesterday :smile: When we’re back together this afternoon, and if this wind dies down, we’ll take the dog onto the beach for a run then just chill out tonight by the fire.

Dave and Dos

(Joy Salt) #194

Last night we spent considering our options of getting from Amritsar to Udaipur in India as we had just been notified that our convenient 10am flight was cancelled and on offer was one at 6am !
We seriously thought about getting a car and driver to take us instead of flying as road travel is sooo much more interesting but Bob eventually concluded that even if we left at 6am we wouldn’t arrive until midnight… so he’s now confirmed that we will take the crack of dawn flight offered.
Not my idea of a good time to have to get out of bed when on holiday… 3 am latest if I’m lucky !

I will go back now to my most happy contemplation of the holiday ahead, with or without early starts, while I do a bit of copper foiling. :slight_smile:

(Rhiannon Rose) #195

Chilling and catching up on sleep! I went to see Brian Cox on Thursday (amazing), but I was still in the car park at 11pm. I had to get up at my usual 6 to get to school, and then teach 5 classes. Can’t wait for half term…

(Julieannrdesigns) #196

Have been looking after my grandaughter this afternoon, so my house needs a good tidy now. Was hoping to get some embroidery done, but the light isn’t very good, so might have to shelve that idea

(Sarah Bell) #197

Nothing much today really.
I’ve been clocking up a lot of miles walking the last few weeks, and I honestly thought my legs were going to drop off yesterday!

I always try and make a mega batch of pancakes on a Saturday, sent hubby out to get a few supplies and then proceeded to watch hubby put together a rabbit hutch and pen and do bits of diy :joy:

I did work on a pendant and watch a few films with various children, supervise homework etc, and now I’m sitting with my youngest waiting for her to sleep!

(Suzzie Godfrey) #198

I am painting our bedrooms after one side of our house was sound proofed and replastered, we live mid terrace, but with one side accommodating the chimneys, but when the light goes I am ensconced in front of the fire, with 9WEd our cat, knitting. I have also got a tapestry cushion cover I need to finish. Not enough Sundays to do everything in!
So whilst mind was in neutral, painting, I began to think! Why is it us wonderful crafter’s struggle to put a value on our beautifully designed and made items.
So I have decided to put my prices up!
After Mother’s day, I will review my prices and p&p. Nothing too drastic, but enough to cover the risen cost of yarn, hangers and nude hotties. I don’t want to appear too greedy, but I would like to feel knitting and original design had a value…
Does that sit comfortably with everyone else?
Would love to know what you think?
It’s so hard to judge isn’t it?
(ps. I have thick skin, so please be honest!)
Suzzie x

(Thedotterypotter) #199

Good Morning everyone :slight_smile: I must get busy today…still not feeling driven in any aspect of my life and just going through the motions really…to keep things afloat.
Had recurring horrible dreams all through the night, so I’m feeling even more meh than usual this morning. Hopefully, I’ll perk up a bit later :slight_smile:

Suzzie, sometimes you do need to overhaul your pricing plan…it’s something that I really need to do desperately. Some of my prices have only gone up by 50p in the last 10 years!
When you think of how the prices of gas, electricity, raw materials etc have skyrocketed over the last few years…it makes total business sense to re-evaulate the true costs of making handmade items. Yes, you do also need to put a price on your original designwork and years of experience…as it stands, not many crafters will even be paying themselves minimum wage :frowning:

(Kim Blythe) #200

Good Morning
I’m the same when it comes to pricing…I work out what all the materials cost, add a bit for my time and then a small percentage to cover fees etc. I know I don’t charge enough to get minimum wage, but at the age of 60 this is my hobby not my job and I just need to try and clear some of my huge stash of fabrics etc., which is why I opened my Folksy shop in the first place. Trouble is I just keep buying more…:thinking:

This week hubby and I have a week off from the day job so we will be out and about a bit when the weather is ok, nothng too exciting as he is still recovering from a nasty chest infection. Hoping to get some sewing done too…:grinning: