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Getting people interested?

(Karen O'flynn) #1

How do I get people interested in my product? I have just returned to folksy after a break. Is it worth my while upgrading?

(Liz Dyson) #2

Hi, Karen, and welcome back after your break. First thing to do is fill in your meet the maker section as a blank page never looks good. You also need to fill up at least a page in items so there is something for your prospective customers to browse. After that, you need to promote on social media etc. until your fingers are raw and your eyes bleed. You can use FB, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and there are loads of others to choose from too.

I wish you all the very best for your shop.


(Sasha Garrett) #3

My understanding is that the Plus account doesn’t get you any extra exposure just makes financial sense if you have lots of listings. £45 plus account is equivalent to 250 listings (15p +vat or 18p) over the course of the year so if you think you will have that many items then it is worth upgrading.
Getting people interested in your product is much harder - as Liz said fill in your meet the maker section and promote but also think about who might be interested in your product - would your photography style appeal to the people who might buy your product? If people are scanning through a page of listings (either within your shop or returned from a search string or just the entire hat seaction) they are going to have a closer look at the ones which portray the lifestyle/ image they want to have/ project. Do your photgraphs make your product stand out from the crowd? (yours are better than some - at least you’ve cropped yours so that the entire hat is on show and have a relatively neutral background) Once you have got them looking at your listing do you have additional photos showing the detailing, talk about the process of how the hat is made or show them how it might look on a person (rather than a dummy) ie what it might look like on them?
Sorry if that is all a bit of a downer and I can’t claim to always do everything that I have suggested above but I hope that helps in someway.