Folksy Ltd

Getting restarted

(Kat Dibbits) #1

So, I haven’t really paid much attention to my Folksy shop for the last couple of years, and I’m finding it hard to get the gears grinding and raise my profile again! I’ve done lots of PR for the shop in the past, but lacking a decent angle I’m not sure that’s the way to go nowadays. How do people promote themselves now? I need some inspiration! (And motivation!) I don’t even know if what I do is still what people want, I guess some market research is in order…

(Stephanie Pearce) #2

oooh, waves hello, there’s a name I remember from NQuest!

(Kat Dibbits) #3

Hello! How funny! I’ve escaped now - hurrah!

(Marg) #4

Hi Kat. I’ve just come back after a few months away, what with one thing or another. I’m fired up and filling my shop with items I made in July. Market research is good, all I can advise is keep motivated and go for it. Marg.

(Stephanie Pearce) #5

I worked in accounts in Bolton but left about three years ago to run my business full time.

(Ali Millard) #6

You could try promoting via social media, FB, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc. It’s best to promote by telling a story behind your products, instead of just advertising what you sell. Social media is about being social, interesting and interacting with others. It’s best to not let your tweets, posts etc be all about you and what you sell.

(Kat Dibbits) #7

Oh I do all that - I guess I’m just looking for other people who have come back to their shop after a long break to see how they get the ball rolling again without being able to a) go “look at my new shop!” or b) being able to build on the continuous work they’ve done since a).