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Gift ideas for Girls!

(Crystal Clarke) #804

(Minerva) #805

A set of matching bows for twins, best friends, mother & daughter…

(Beaniehats) #806

(Minerva) #807

A wee gift for a young lady and her favorite doll!

(LouisaByDesign) #808

(Annie Storkey) #809

(Julie Maginn) #810

A purple lavender & daisy clock

(Beaniehats) #811

(HandMaidSW) #812

This month I have several new items in my shop that I have been working on for many months from prints to greeting cards & gifts. A new collection is called Love Tattoo using images I have created based upon a love heart tattoo in the biker or rockabilly style. The design of the swallows are based upon those used in colourful tattoos, taking my own swallow tattoo as part inspiration!

A perfect gift for girls may be a set of 7 Love Tattoo peg holders with luxury, red, satin cord for hanging photos or cards that use the same love heart & swallows. There is also a greeting card that uses similar designs & a luxury red or black velvet heart hanging ornament embellished with a series of buttons, silver-plaited beads & a tassel.

(Sue Beacham) #813

Lots of gift ideas here, also more in my shop

Sue x

(Christine E.) #814

Cute Owl and Pussycat earrings…

(Beaniehats) #815

Great for the hot weather

(Sarah Eves) #816

Snoozy fox.

(Beaniehats) #817

(Lynne Wye) #818

(MadeintheTemple) #819

Who could resist a unicorn inspired purse.

(Sally Lucas) #820

(Sarah Eves) #821

An owl doorstop.

(Dawn Marshall) #822

(Annmarie Ison) #823

A Dormouse Print