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Gift Vouchers - Would this work?

I’d like to sell gift vouchers … and this is the only work round I can come up with. Would it work?

Set up a gift voucher; for example £5 and tell folk to buy them as £5 or multiples thereof for a larger sum

When they buy it … you issue one gift voucher for that amount and use ‘Discount’ to create a code … something not likely to be hacked or stumbled upon. Set the discount at 100%

It could be e-mailable and sent directly for them to print out or printed out by me and mailed.

If you think that this might work as a ‘workaround’ then I’ll think about handling postage.

Thoughts gratefully received. I’m thinking it should work but your experience. may say otherwise



I can’t post this unless I type a little more so excuse the waffle.

Could be open to abuse - people could buy voucher for £5 and use it against something for £10 in your shop - I know you could cancel any such orders but is it worth the hassle. Couldn’t you just issue a code which when included in the “notes to seller” section would result in you refunding the voucher amount?

Roz, that’s a good idea. I’ve a cold at the moment and it obviously led to some really poor thinking yesterday. You’re right it would be open to all kinds of abuse and I think like you it’s always better to refund than ask for more. I think I’ll try what you’re suggesting and see what happens.