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GM Imber & Sons Craft insurance... anyone use them?

(Rubyintheattic) #1

Hi, I am just trying to get going with my business and am searching for insurers. I have found GM Imber and Sons and it looks perfect for me. Anyone else use them? What’s your opinions?

Thank you. x

(Claire Davis) #2

I use them, I took out their craftsinsure starter policy recently. I have found them to be good, although my dealings with them have been limited. I filled in the form and emailed it back to them and it was all set up straightaway. Also I had a couple of queries which were responded to by email quickly and politely.

So yes I woud recommend them but I haven’t had to put in a claim or anything like that so I couldn’t say about that! Their price was pretty good which was one of the reasons I chose them.

(Deborah Jones) #3

I have been with them about 4 years , but as Claire above said I have only ever renewed my policy - never tried to claim.
The fee has hardly gone up in 4 years which suits me .

(Ronald Koorm) #4

Used them for a couple of years. No problem, and inexpensive.

( But have had bad experiences with the Insurance sector generally, who offer professional indemnity insurance (P.I.), and you have to keep paying with the same company for at least 6 years after you close your business or after you retire !

Not like car insurance or house insurance, where you can shop around.
Most crafters of course, won’t need P.I. insurance, but some types of specialist designers just might. )