Groups linked to your Facebook page

So what are your thoughts? I’m really on the fence with this one.

I can see the advantages as getting your Facebook page seen can be blooming hard work whereas group members would see your posts. But…do I really want the extra work? Just another thing to try and keep up with?

Also, as a potential customer, I like a lot of pages and have them all in their own newsfeed so I can scroll down commenting/liking as I go but no way would I want to be in that many groups for individual sellers.


I have a friend who has done this. She has included everyone on her list of friends and customers on FB in her group and now, every time she posts (which is frequently) I get a notification about it and an e-mail to go with it. I’m almost prepared to unfriend her over it, because it is very irritating, so I don’t think I would take this step with my own page.

Sam x


People shouldn’t do that it’s just plain rude!!! Joining a group should be a choice not enforced! Sam you can turn notifications off and/or unfollow a group without actually leaving it.


Carol I’m having the same thoughts!! If every page I liked started a group it would double my newsfeed! On the other hand a lot of my regular customers don’t seem to be seeing me.
I wouldn’t want to duplicate posts so as you say…more work. Grrr flippin Facebook, it was going along quite nicely until he decided for us what we want to see!


I have seen that some pages offer special discounts when you join their facebook groups and you see new items first etc…but I find it annoying when I’m suddenly added to a group, so wouldn’t want to do that. I also agree with Carol and think it is enough work to get seen as it is, so a group as well would be more work x