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Has anyone bought anything or used Wowcher?

I’m looking at some really good deals, I’ve seen the adverts on TV and I’m just checking out feedback etc before committing to anything!!! Any thoughts or experience would be appreciated. X

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Personally, I wouldn’t touch third party voucher sites with a bargepole! (they want your data, it’s valuable to them) I’ve heard lots of complaints about them, the offers are never exactly as stated. There’s an old saying “There’s no such thing as a free lunch”, which I remind myself of whenever I see a deal that looks too good to be true!

My wife uses Woucher when she can for xmas presents and gifts for colleagues. She has had massive savings on jewellery and spa days.

Never had a problem with any of the deals. YMMV of course.

I’ve had no experience of Wowcher but I’ve used Groupon many, many times over the last few years and there was never any problems x

I used to avoid these sort of deals because I thought mostly they would go wrong, but my daughter and my friend used them with no problem, so I have now used both wowcher and groupon and had some good deals. I do put a lot of effort into reading the small print and doing my research though, sometimes I wonder if it’s worth it.

Thank you for your replys… I’m still a bit unsure, I did sign up and I’m getting lots of emails from them, I’m just going to take my time and do a bit more research :slight_smile:

I’ve used Wowcher and Groupon on many occasions, as they have massive deals on spa days, and homeware stuff. I suggest you try them out on a small deal first, nothing over £10, and see what you think. The quality of some of these products are very good too. Most small businesses uses these sites to get more customers and sales - but they do so, by slashing their prices in some cases to 50%, and hope to get some kind of profit back.