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Have you blogged today? 2017

(Sue Wright) #61

Won the double with my weaving and spinning!


Here is my latest blog:

(Stephanie Guy) #63

My latest blog post is another miniature tutorial

(Alison Sye) #64

As it happens, I have blogged today. It’s a post concerning the 3 Father’s Day cards I have made…

(Elaine) #65

Catch up on exciting things happening at Ellie’s Treasures:


My latest blog:

(Caroline Wong) #67

My latest blog on my upcoming market dates

(Sue) #68

My latest blog is here with my new sewing accessories :blush:

(Teresa Bettelley) #69

A few new bits I’ve made
Skirt and scarf | Shirley Rainbow

(Brenda Cumming) #70

I have neglected my blog for a long time because my hands were too painful to crochet…so I am now adding my knitting projects to my crochet blog…

(Sarah Eves) #71

The humble Formica table.


(Sarah Eves) #73

Diary of a cat yesterday diagnosed with hyperthyroidism.

(Sue Wright) #74

small projects and prep work


(Sarah Eves) #76

Diary of a cat with hyperthyroidism.

(Teresa Bettelley) #77

I’ve reviewed metallic iron on vinyl today over at
Crafting Gold (and silver and bronze!) | Shirley Rainbow

(Jude Allman) #78

Natural Dyeing with Wool and Cloth

(TaylorTwoStore) #79

Meant to be doing a new blog today but last week I completed a blog on ‘How To Polish Copper Jewellery’.


A write up about Exeter Craft Festival: