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Have you blogged today? January 2016

(Elaine) #1

A mulled cider recipe - very warming on these wet and windy evenings

(Jan Ryan) #2

Here’s my blog … My first post in 2016…

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(CustomLogo) #3

I am in the process of making my mind up on what WordPress theme to purchase. Think I found a really good one to showcase my portfolio, a blog and a shop. Doing a bit of research on twitter to see what other users think. So far it sounds like a bargain! :smile:

(Jan Ryan) #4

I use blogger, I use it mainly as a journal, I’ve heard that wordpress is really good, especially if you want to have a shop with it. Good luck in your new venture. :grinning:

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(CustomLogo) #5

Thank you. I have used WordPress before so stick to what I know i guess haha. Just checked your blog, love your Christmas Tree hanging decorations!

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(Angela Finch) #6

Sore Thumbs and Luck

(Rachel Ward) #7

In My Kitchen | January 2016 - first set of the monthly series this year :smile:

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(Elaine) #8

Daffodils in December?

(Julia K Walton) #9

A vintage Hawaiian lap slide guitar:-

(Stephanie Guy) #10

I’ve given my blog a wee makeover. It’s not quite finished - after 3 or 4 hours I still haven’t achieved my main goal of having mobile clickable links to my shop and social media - but it will have to do for now. What do you think of the colour scheme, header and layout?

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(Maxine Veronica) #11

My first blog in qute a while oops! all about my new scan n cut machine

(Sue Wright) #12

some tools of my trade

(Julia K Walton) #13

We’ve Got Snow!:-

Vintage Finds:-

(Angela Finch) #14

All about my latest creation, a pearl macrame bracelet.

(Stephanie Guy) #15

My new sketch diary

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(Jan Ryan) #16

Here’s my latest one…

I’ll get around to popping over to all the above and leave a comment. :slight_smile: :mushroom::mushroom:

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(JuliaYorkDesigns) #17

I’ve been tidying up my blog (and it’s not that old really) and this is about new things I’ve been making

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(Julia K Walton) #18

Punch Needle Miniatures:-

(Julia K Walton) #19

Rainbow coloured gift ideas from the makers and designers at

(Maxine Veronica) #20

Craft Diary 2 - all about my glitter ink art