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♥ Heart the five shops before you ♥

(Claire Mead) #242

I’ve done the four before I reach me again! Will pop back and add another one in a bit

(Kez Allen) #243

Hearted five above me

(Adien Crafts) #244

hearted 5 above xx

(sejleather) #245

Hearted 5 above, but most I’d already done! All lovely shops. :heart:

(Mandi Wilson) #246

Hearted 5 but had to go further up the list as I’d already hearted some.

(Claire Mead) #247

I have done but unhearted and then rehearted some?

(Charlotte ) #248

I have done 5 :slight_smile:

(Angela Harpham) #249

I have give 5 :heart:

(Annmarie Ison) #250

Loved the last five shops

(Wendy Burdis) #251

Doing my 5 now!! :heart:

(Sue Beacham) #252

hearted 6 of the above

(sandranesbitt) #253

have hearted 5

(Kez Allen) #254

Hearted five (there were a couple I have done already so hearted some items)

(Sarah Stevenson) #255

Now hearting my 5!

(Nykie) #256

Going to heart my five now

(Maureen Brazier) #257

Have hearted six - https://folksy/shops/Sewflair

(sejleather) #258

Spreading the love again … done 5 above :grinning:

(Lynn Britton) #259

Loved the 5 above

(Eskimo Circus) #260

Big heart for the 5 above :smile:

(Claire Mead) #261

I have done my 5 shops