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♥ Heart the five shops before you ♥

(PollysWares138) #343

Hearted the 5 shops above me here.

(TheLapisTree) #344

(debbselliman) #345

Hearted the five shops above me!

(Sue Beacham) #346

Hearted five above


Have loved the five above!!

(Stringobeads) #348

Loved the 5 Above x

(RiaCooper) #349

I did love all five before me.

(beccycornwell) #350

Loved all five x

(debbselliman) #351

Loved the five shops above me! :slight_smile:

(Lesley Hawkins) #352
Hi everyone, new kid on the block here! I’ve loved looking and hearting other peoples shops :slight_smile:


Loved and reloved the 5 above

(MercinianCrafts) #354

Hi again, hearted my five !!:grinning:

(RiaCooper) #355

I loved five before me (most of them for the second time :frowning: ) I wonder why this thread isn’t popular? Or am I wrong?

(PollysWares138) #356

I have loved the 5 (or more maybe) above me, some for the second time.

(Sue Beacham) #357

Heart the five above and a few more

(Margaret Milgate) #358

Hope I’ve done this right, my 65year old brain is still trying to grips with technology!

(Adele Coyle) #359

Brilliant idea - 5 loved! :heart::heart:

(Xcaliber) #360

Loved at least five above

(RiaCooper) #361

Loved at least five above :heartbeat: but only two were new :unamused:

(PollysWares138) #362

Favourited at least the 5 above me but only 1 was a new one for me.